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FS/T: my collection of computer and video game stuff :D

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 2' started by reberto, Dec 11, 2005.

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    This is my whole collection of stuff I have tried to sell on here. I will take trades for iPods, lappys, powermacs, imacs, anything apple related. I am really looking to keep the packages toughter. If I don't get any good offers by friday, I will start parting these out. Here is what I have. Oh and yes doucy2, if you want to trade anything from the link in your sig, I will :p .

    PC (not 100% sure I want to sell it)
    AWESOME gaming case (http://www.newegg.com/product/produc...82E16811156018)
    AMD Athlon XP 2700+ T-bred core (OC'd to 2.4 ghz. runs at ~45c after 3 hrs of Quake 4 ON HIGH)
    ASrock mobo
    512 megs of DDR-400 ram
    ASUS 6800XT
    166 gigs of HD space (6 gig boot drive and 160 gig internal drive. The 160 gig is VERY fast, quiet and expensive. http://www.circuitcity.com/rpsm/oid...ategorylist.do/rpem/ccd/productDetail.do#tabs )
    Windows 2000 pro (it is XP without the pretty visuals)
    Postal 2 and Apoc' Weekend

    Silver color (paint has rubbed off in some areas on top case,no scratches in plastic.)
    3 games (Asphalt Urban GT, Nintendogs, Metriod Hunters demo)
    1 Nintendo case
    3 Styli
    AC charger
    Origonal box for the Metroid and nintendogs and their manuals

    2 controllers
    memory card
    broadband modem
    DVD remote
    RF adapter
    Regular AV cables
    Final Fantasy Tactics
    Bushido Blade
    Ridge Racer V
    Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec
    Katamari Damacy
    We love Katamari
    NBA 2004
    Madden 2003
    Twisted Metal Black: Online
    This is the fat model, not slim.

    333mhz G3
    6 megs of V-ram ATI rage pro ultra
    160 megs of ram (the iMac only reads 128 of the 256 chips memory)
    no HD
    no kb/mouse
    24x CD-ROM (the front faceplate has been fixed, the drive sits a little far back. Minor fix, too lazy to do it)

    Altec Lasing inMotion speakers (the metal sides have minor denting and were the logo is, there are scratches. 100% working)
    Targus laptop case (it held my 1400c and the Stylewriter 2200 with room to spare.)
    Family Guy: Frekin' Sweet Collection
    Rev. A-D iMac modem
    Powerbook 500 series AC adaptor (with power cable)
    Apple Color Stylewriter 2200 (portable) with working battery, some extra ink packs drivers (on floppys)
    box o' parts PM for whats inside

    Again, looking for iPods, lappys, powermacs, imacs, anything apple related (that includes cash :D ) POST offers (don't PM me, my box fills up fast :p ) Everything is sold AS-IS. I have had to many people damage things I sell and demand a refund.
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    Yeah, it was funny when someone else said it, but not when you did. You used to do that too.

    I'm still interested in those GC games, waiting for your IM.
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    He posts "trade for anything in the link in my sig" everywhere. Just wanted to state it. BTW, your not on IM now....
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    I'm always on. ;)
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    yea itasor is always away but if you say hey he'll answer most of the time lol

    dont mock my way of doing business :)

    im sure we'll work out some deal in the near future
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    I love your way of business :D
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    wallstreet or 400mhz iMac for the pc?
    i tried...:p
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    Pierre Films

    $35 shipped for Stylewriter 2200?

    Pierre Films [​IMG]
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    how about $35 + shipping?
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    no thanks, looking for a G4
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    Pierre Films

    That would work. :)
    Sent PM!

    Pierre Films [​IMG]
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    in the event that he backs out, pm me about the stylewriter
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    someone buy reberto's stuff so we don't have to see "are you accepting trades" in ever thread
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    reported spam to mods
  15. Moderator emeritus

    Funny, the original poster is rude but reports someone else for being rude. If I remove one post, I need to remove the other post.
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    Aw. I wish I had my sd450 to get a picture of all of my nintendo loot.

    16 DS Games
    20 Cube Games
    17 GBA Games

    Long Live Nintendo
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    May be interested in the PC for my G4 tower.

    Gimme the full specs of the board and everything.

    The G4 is a Yikes model, and has :

    1 GB of PC100 RAM
    10 GB of HD space
    a Radeon 7000
    400 MHz G4 processor
    USB 1.1 PCI card
    Ultra160 SCSI card
    DVD-ROM drive
    Zip 250
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    what do u want for the: (Powerbook 8x CD-ROM drive (Pulled from a 1400c.) Still has the faceplate on snug) ???
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    $15 shipped
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    would u do $10 shipped to zip code 50266?
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    sure. PMing you my paypal info
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    I see your point.
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    I will trade my DS or PS2 for the wallstreet. Specs?
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    500 shipped for PC?
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    not 100% I want to sell it but I will consider it:D

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