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    #1: Rage128Pro: This is a used but working pull from a Sawtooth G4 Tower. It is the 2X AGP/16mb version and was the OEM card on those machines.

    Has both VGA and DVI-I connectors onboard, and heatsink.

    Price: $15.00

    #2: Shure E2C Heaphones, whose isolation is absolutely superb. Developed for professional musicians, the E2C combines Dynamic MicroDriver speaker technology with a sound isolating design to deliver rich, full-range sound while blocking outside noise S O L D !

    PAYPAL ONLY PLEASE, USPS Parcel Post shipping in USA included. Can expedite at buyers request/cost

    Please PM or EM me with offers if interested,

    Thanks :)
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    bumpr 4 price drop :D
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    Jul 7, 2005
    great seller here
    Buy from him
    nice to deal with

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