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FT: ibook 12"/60GB/768/AE/Combo

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by durruti, Jul 18, 2005.

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    For trade is my 12" ibook/60GB/768 RAM/AE/Combo. It was purchased June 2004, so the 1 year apple warranty is over.

    The reason to trade is because I find the resolution too limiting. I would like more resolution, don't move my ibook that much, but would like limited mobility.

    some things to consider:
    -512 MB samsung RAM added (works well)
    -60 GB drive was build to order (hard to find older ibooks with this size of a drive)
    -lvl 2 cache is 512 kb, as opposed to 1st gen. ibook which was 256 kb
    -Airport Extreme added by me.
    -AE reception is comparatively better on the ibook than on the powerbook line.

    I would like to trade for a 1st gen. 15" aluminum powerbook or a good condition 15" titanium powerbook 867/1ghz, with or without cash depending on the specs. I'm 'open' to other offers, especially ones with 20" widescreen LCDs (dell, apple, etc.)

    I'm in Montreal, Canada and would prefer a local trade. :)
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    What's the Speed of the iBook?
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    also has spanning hack

    I forget to mention. This ibook has the screen spanning hack installed. Haven't used it much. You can install the patch later if you prefer. Mac OS X 10.3.9. I can wipe it or you can just keep it the way it is.
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    1 Ghz. Nice, even, and round.

    and, wow that was a fast reponse.
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    Eh, I lead a rather boring life..

    My old lady has a TiBook 867 She might be interested in swapping to the *cuter* ibook.. Let me see if she's game. It's in fairly good shape, espically for a Ti.
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    don't we all..lead boring lives that is

    any word from the 'old lady?' :)

    that would be a nice trade if the tibook is in good condition. Although I am a little concerned about the flaking that is known to happen with the tibooks...well, it's a 15" powerbook, so what the heck.
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    i also forgot to mention that I have the VGA adaptor+System Restore DVDS (panther+factory installed software) that came with the ibook.

    And I don't have the box with me right now, but I can later ship it to the potential trader (or give it to you directly if you live in the NYC area sometime in late August).

    I am also considering trades for G4 desktops (Digital Audio and later) and/or 20" widescreen dell LCDs with/without extra cash.

    also, this is a shamless bump. sorry. that's all i can say.
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    Although I wish she would, she doesn't want to give up her TiBook :( Would you consider selling it outright? And if so, how much?? I love my TiBook too, but I'd like a Mac I can take on the road and not worry about it exploid'n. :)
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    i understand

    ***i forgot to mention, the ibook has no dead pixels and no major cosmetic damage.***

    yeah, i understand not wanting to part with a tibook...that's too bad...

    and about selling...I've thought about selling it, but than, there'd be that downtime where i wouldn't have acess to a mac...and then i wouldn't know what to do. :)

    see, i'd like to either get a 15" powerbook or possibly a really good deal on an older G4 desktop and with the extra bones get a 20" dell, and later on a used nintendo gamecube, n64, (or revolution!)

    If in the possibility i would sell it, i would sell it for prolly around $900+shipping. Reasonable? I don't know. not sure yet on that though, but if there is someone out there who wants it at that, i could give it a deep think.
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    you PM'ed me about my 15" 1.5 ghz powerbook for trade -

    it looks like the ebay value of my computer is about $1600, including the extra battery, bluetooth and airport extreme.

    And i think your computer fetches about $750 from ebay.

    So I think i'd take $900 and your ibook for my powerbook, extra battery and all.

    Tell me if that sounds fair.

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    Hmm $900 Canadian? Perhaps! The only real reason I say this is you can get a refurb from Apple like this:

    iBook G4 1.2GHz / 256MB / 30GB / Combo / E / 56K / 12" - $850

    That comes with a full one year warranty.. It is a shame, as they're great little laptops, but with the Refurbs that low, and all the anticipation of the *new* iBooks coming out, it just isn't that hot a seller. *sigh*

    That being said, I would try putting it on eBay.. I just put my old G3 iBook 800MHz up, and I got $700 dollars for it! I couldn't believe it.. If you were to set up PayPal, sell the iBook for say, $875, you would have it sitting in your paypal account.. Find a 15" on eBay (I found my girls TiBook for $850 Buy it Now), Buy it, pay it, then they ship.. Wait a day or two to ship yours to minimize the time you have to be Apple-less..

    Just an idea anyways, but to get top dollar for your rig, eBay is the only place to do it!

    Good luck, if you have any questions, PM me!

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    That's a bit too much dough for me. And now, I realize, I was being a bit unrealistic when I contacted you about your pb. And, that 1.5ghz is way more than i need.

    sorry. good luck with your trade.
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    Okay. Yeah, now that that's out there, what can I say?

    Still, plus side with mine is that you get a 60GB HD instead of 30 (+$50?). And 512MB RAM more (+$100?)

    yeah, there's no 1 year warranty. and 200mhz speed difference (minus $50-100?)

    Maybe 850 shipped is reasonable. That is if I was selling it. What am I doing?

    Anyway. thanks for the suggestion drew, but I don't want to go to the hassle and the possible screw up/scam and the timing issues with ebay.

    I'm just going to keep my ibook and use it if nothin' happens.
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    also 15" tibook 667 DVI/800 trade offers seriously considered. thanks~

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