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FT: NEW Rev. D 12" PowerBook G4

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by mxpiazza, Mar 19, 2005.

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    no longer availiable.
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    rec c bought in januarry. 512 ram/combo/ box ect...like new.

    and an ipod shuffle 512+box
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    thats the 12' rev c 1.33 GHZ
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    PM sent.
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    I have a rev. c, 12", combo, 768...and a seven month old mini (silver) that still holds close to 7 hours a charge. pm me if interested.
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    I have a nearly new (4 weeks old) Rev. D 15" 1.5GHz Powerbook if you are interested. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it (trackpad is excellent, and there is no dead pixels). It is the combo drive model and everything in it is stock (ram, BT, AE, backlit keyboard, etc...). PM if you are interested and maybe we can work out a trade of your 12" PB + cash for my PB. Let me know.

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    Multiple PM's sent, are you still interested in my offer?
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    hey guys, i'll have the PB in hand tomorrow, i am mulling over the current offers, i will let everyone know whats up tomorrow. thanks.
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    sorry guys, i was able to work something out with someone local. thanks for the interest.

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