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Discussion in 'Mac Help/Tips' started by newmanium, Feb 27, 2002.

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    Currently, I'm running in a native OS X environment running all the neat shareware programs that'll let me access FTP to download and upload to my website. The only thing is, the trial period runs out and I'm left searching for a new program every 14 days. Nice and simple programs like SimpleFTP and Captain FTP are pretty cool, but I've heard there was a way to connect to FTP site straight from the Finder. I've been able to connect through the terminal but man, that's not what the Mac is all about. I need that signature simplicity and elegance of the Mac. But through the Finder, specifically throught the "connect to server" option, I could actually connect to the FTP site and have it sit there on my Desktop as if it is an networked drive (i.e. the iDisk). Any clues on just how to do this? Thanks.
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    cant you just do that by opening up connect to server and typing the address under Address?

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    i've tried it a bunch of times, typing in "ftp://ftp.apple.com", and technically adding "ftp://" before any address should access you to any ftp site. i always end up with the error message, "No file services are available at the URL ftp://... bla bla bla", i know this works but what could i be missing?
    im being anal about this cuz just imagining loading up a ftp site as if it is a network drive would help me sooooo much more than going through the terminal or playing with shareware programs all day.
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    yeah, i tried doing that.. it just doesnt work.

    i dont know... maybe you just cant do it!:( :( :(

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    try out transmit from versiontracker. it's not exactly freeware but it never expires-a simple message appears when you open it but you can just say ok

    it's a pretty nice program to boot!
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    argh! its turning my brain into a pretzel., if you want to know where i got that information, it actually came from the "OS X: The Missing Manual" book. Awesome book of course, but thats where it states using the "connect to server" command. To not be able to access ftp as seamless and effortless as that is just torture, haha. i use 'captain ftp', freeware and cool, but not as cool as using the Finder itself. anyways, thanks for all the input you guys and if you do find out how or if anybody stumbles into how to get it, you are the smartest person alive ;)
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    why don't you just learn how to use the terminal windows as an ftp? It's free and ALWAYS available. It doesn't expire. Get a good advanced book on OS X or Linux, and it will tell you how in there. Plus, you will be learning how to use Linux at the same time. It's actually pretty easy.

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    haha, thanks u guys. i've used the terminal, as confusing as it may be.. but i gave up typing in commands back in DOS when i switched to Macs :) thanks for all the suggestions, but i was just wondering/hoping/killing myself about how to get to ftp sites straight from the Finder. I've tried using Fetch for free, but that pop-up message can just get really annoying, heheh. Now im really beginning to doubt whether this david pogue knows what he's talking about or he's the one full of crap (j.k.... or am i?)
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    DON'T buy Fetch...at least not yet...

    As an owner of Fetch 4.01, I'm really, really disappointed in the application. It's not nearly as fast on transfers as Transmit, and I really regret buying it. I guess I just got used to the interface, but unfortunately it's just not as flexible or fast as it's v3 version (which, I can add, works wonderfully in Classic mode).

    Maybe they'll get their act together in the next version, but I'm tempted to switch to Transmit (problem is, I'm cheap, and I've already bought one. You should REALLY buy one though...)
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    hmm.. can you enlighten on what Transmit is? cocoa application anyone? haha
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    Ah, well I bet it's carbon, but Transmit is from those guys at Panic, responsible for Audion 2, probably the coolest MP3 player for the Mac. I doubt anyone can diss Audion, and Transmit has the same great attention to detail and is much, much faster than Fetch. I had to move 4.3 Gbs across the network yesterday, and because of firewalls I had to go FTP. Fetch was just so pokey that I re-downloaded Transmit and initiated the transfer. Even with a 5 minute head-start, Transmit beat it handedly.

    Go to
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    sweet-ness, i'll give it a try, thx.

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