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Full DVDs (with menus) on Apple TV

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by hfthomp, Mar 31, 2009.

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    Hey everyone, I just purchased my Apple TV off of ebay today so I'm just getting started with everything. For the past week, in preparation, I've been ripping some of my dvd movies and tv shows off dvds using handbrake and putting them in itunes, everything has worked perfectly. I can't wait to load get them going on the apple tv when it comes.

    I have a question though. My wife has some workout dvds that she uses a lot that I would also like to put onto my computer that she can watch over the apple tv. Is there a way to watch the full dvd's with the menus on the apple tv? I've looked at the ATVFlash website and it seems like installing that would make it work, is this true? Are there any ways to get this functionality for free? I'm pretty good on the computer and wouldn't mind hacking the apple tv myself.

    Also, how do I create a copy of a dvd that has the menu data preserved? Thanks in advance.
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    with the current apple tv situation, you cant.
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    I did the same thing for my girlfriend, but just encoded them as h.264 and put them on the ATV. Some of them were divided into different "episodes," while others were one single title but with different chapters corresponding to different sections of the workout (abs for chapters 1-7, glutes 8-16, etc.).

    Rip the DVD and then play the folder in either VLC or DVD Player.app and see what the structure is. Then encode accordingly. I tagged all of them as tv shows with the show title "Workout" and then by different episode names. Now, whenever she wants to access a specific section of an exercise video, it's all right there.

    Me, I just throw on a pair of shorts and my running shoes and hit the pavement. :)
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    Rip the DVD (either to video_ts folder or an iso file), install Boxee or XBMC onto the ATV and you should be able to open your rip and stream it a if it were the original DVD.
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    If you give them all the same album name they should all live in their own folder (if tagged as movie).

    This is what I have done with star wars / aliens and things in series.
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    Best thing to do is install Boxee on it and just rip the dvd's as ISO's. You can view them like regular dvd's with menus etc.

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