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Full HD (1080p) TVs finally here and affordable!?

Discussion in 'Games' started by Haoshiro, May 31, 2006.

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    Just found this news about a new 1080p capable TV (actually the article says 1920x1200 capable).

    This is a good sign, especially for all those wanting a PS3 and still holding out for all the games to actually run in 1080p. :)
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    1080p is nothing new. 1080p60 is kinda new, but even then, you've been able to get it in Dell LCDs for ages (2405 :))
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    I just had not seen them at "mainstream" pricing, which that is by coming in at about $1300 (still expensive, but getting there).
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    Is that a lot in America? Frankly you'd be lucky to get a 1080p HDTV for £1300. The only one I've seen was a Panasonic one fetching ~£3000 ($5600). No wonder you guys have a larger installed HD base at them prices! I would gladly pay $1300/£690 for a HDTV of any resolution!
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    No, $1300 is an excellent price for that. But it may still be considered expensive by some since it is oly 24" and 32" SDTVs can easily be picked up for ~$400.

    Compared to other HDTVs, though, that is very competitive. I paid $700 for my 27" 720p/1080i LCD TV Monitor.
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    just wait, we'll all see it in the UK for £3,000 (almost $6,000). i kid you not..
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    He/she is talking about TV's.....and for the poster 1920x1080 is the resolution and it has been around for a long time....the difference is progressive or interlaced ;)

    That is why it is 1080p and not 1200p :)
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    Yes, obviously high resolutions are nothing new for monitors. I also know that 1920x1080 is 1080p. The news article, however, states the TV can do 1920x1200... which may or may not be a typo. Does seem I accidently type 1900 instead of 1920, I will fix that. :p
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    I know that, but 2405s will take 1080p inputs quite happily. And I know that these are progressive. 1080p has still been around for a while, just 1080p30, not 1080p60 ;)
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    Funnily enough we're seriously considering getting rid of our TV entirely. There's bugger all worth watching
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    Will it accept component input, though?
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    You might look into the Westinghouse 1080p sets.

    I've been looking at getting the 37w3. The only thing that's stopping me is availability and a few firmware bugs. Other than that the folks on the AVS forum see to like it. I think MSRP is $1800, but I've seen them advertised for a couple hundred less lately. And it has loads of inputs.

    Inputs include: 1 HDMI, 2 DVI, 1 VGA, 2 Component, 1 S-Video, 1 Composite

    You can find the AVS forum thread about it if you google for "37w3." Be prepared, it's 40+ pages long.

    BTW, it has no built in tuner.
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    When ALL tvs are HDTV, even the cheapest model will be High Definition.

    Personally, I am waiting for them to finally sit down and standardize the main broadcasts.

    Will it be 720p? 1080i? 1080p?

    of course 1080p is the top of the mountain and one would think thats where we will be when everything is HDTV, but alas I doubt it.

    I still stand by my arguement to wait for HDTVs to be ALL you can buy, that way you will get a damn nice TV and save money (compared to todays purchase).

    Other than the 360 and a handful of HD channels (only if you have digital cable or live near an over the air station) there is no real reason to buy into HDTV right now. m2c
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    Too right!
    And don't get me started on that Big Brother cr*p.......

    No, really, DON'T!
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    True, but I l want a 1080p set because it can always upconvert the other signals. It's "future-proof" in a sense, as much as I hate to use that phrase.

    That and I can use it as a computer monitor/HTPC more easily because of the high resolution.

    Also, in theory there will eventually be a HD DVD or BluRay player that will output in 1080p. So it'd be nice to have that capability.
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    Mike Teezie

    Looking at the specs of the TV in the OP's post - isn't 16ms a pretty slow response time?
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    Edit :- never thought I'd find a cheap one but look below....
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    Yes :)
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    That's becoming quite common. A lot of people I know are dropping TV's in favour of torrents and DVD's.
    if it wasn't for my religious watching of Hollyoaks (I know :p ), Doctor Who and Casualty I wouldn't have an EyeTV. tv=bad.
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    That's a good price but the specs are a little... hmmm... the contrast ratio and response time mostly. still, for a 1080p screen at £900 I'd gladly fork out for that. Until I build my new house I won't spend more than £1000 for a TV.
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    well you have to be careful. Im not sure on this one but, most current 1080p don't have 1080p inputs:eek: so im spectual on this. also i could apreciate 1080p on 50" tv but 24" im not sure i'll notice.
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    Just my opinion, but 1080p is wasted on anything under ~42". I have a 30" 1080i set and there's probably more detail on that than I can see at 8'+ (which is pretty reasonable, since I sit 6-8' from the set depending on which chair I am in, etc).

    1080p is going to be great for projectors and other big screens but 720p/1080i is sufficient for most "regular" TVs. On the other hand, I can see wanting a 1080p for ability to upconvert all signals to it, rather than going down from 1080i to 720p, or having to interlace 720p onto a 1080i set (or downconvert it to 480p).

    In other words, I wouldn't buy a set just because it was 1080p, but I would pay a LITTLE extra for one if it had all the other features/quality levels as a competing set. (By a little I mean maybe 10% more).

    EDIT: I would buy that 37w1 refurb @ $1350 right now if I wasn't trying to save cash up for house, though. I mean right now, as in before I posted this message.

    Also, Rokem, HMDI/DVI can carry a 1080p signal no problem. Component might as well, but I can't be sure about that. You might be thinking about current HDDVD players which won't output a 1080p signal at this point, but plenty of HTPCs will and do.
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    Actually Walmart is now carrying the 37w3. They've got it listed as $1,599, but it's crossed out because they're selling it some price that's even lower. I can't find out what it is though because they're out of stock and so I can't add it to a cart.

    So for a bit more than that refurb you could have a new updated model.

    And at this point I sound like a shill for Westinghouse so I'll stop. :D
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    i want them to go to 2160p. maybe another 5-10 years...

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