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All iPads Full size keyboard options for ipad (except the Apple one!)

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Turnpike, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. Turnpike, Jan 24, 2013
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    As you can see, I spare no expense finding the right cover, case, keyboards, and so on for my iPads- I use them a lot. I often buy the most expensive or new case/keyboards just to try them out, and have found that it's worth it when you find the right fit on something that you use all day, every day.

    Now I'm using iPad for more actual typing work too, and cannot, for the life of me, get used to the Apple full size bluetooth keyboards. I've tried many times, VERY hard to get used to them. VERY VERY hard. I have huge gorrilla fingers, it's way more comfortable for me to use the deep keyed Dell, that you see in the bottom photo. Those deep keys are what I need.

    Does anyone know of ANY option, at ANY price, any additional stuff, anything- that would have a full size, bluetooth keyboard with those DEEP KEYS that would work with iPad?

    Also please note that the current trend is to make a flat-looking keyboard with shallow keys (the new Dell, others...) to look modern like the Apple ones. I can't use those, I want/need the deep clicking ones. Even if it plugs into a huge box on my desk, that beams out bluteeth vibes somehow- ANYTHING.

    I would only use it in the office, on a desk, and have for the last 4 years or so been in LOVE with the standard Dell keyboard you also see in the picture. I NEEEED those deep clicking full keys, and while Dell makes bluetooth keyboard that looks simular to the dell keyboard in the picture, there's a USB thing that needs to go somewhere, and the iPad has no USB thing. I don't want to jailbrake anything, other than that, price, convenience, size, nothing is an obstacle, so be free with your suggestions!

    I know it's like asking how I can put a crank start on my Ferrari, I'm sorry for this....

    ANY alternative (I've found that people on this site have an unusual knowlege of rare, uber-expensive and cool stuff) :D that you can suggest, that has keep keys like that, to work with an iPad, I would be most grateful, and will let you know how it turns out. Any brand, any price, I'm just as sad as you might be that I can't use the Apple one (remember- I spend 14 hours a day on this keyboard...it's important to me...)

    Thanks in advance for your help, I've searched (and shopped) the whole internet everytime I want an accessory, this is just something I can't find on my own. Thank you!

    (I know that Matias makes a full size, folding one that hooks up to the iPad, but the keys are not deep, it's more of a firmer, more modern button even though it looks like a deeper key. I tried one, and even have one on the way too, that I bought before I had a chance to try one.


  2. Giuly, Jan 24, 2013
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    The "big box on the desktop" solution would be hooking your Dell keyboard to the Aten tap.

    Matias did announce the Laptop Pro keyboard at the CES, but you can't get one before February.
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    The only 2 I've found that have those deep keys are Apple's old one and a Macally one. I also have no idea if they work on iOS, but all the mobile keyboards that do seem to have very small, flat keys. I've also linked to a Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard, but I don't know if you'll like it or not.

    Apple keyboard

    Macally keyboard

    Microsoft keyboard


    Ooh, that Matias linked to above is nice. That may be what you're looking for.
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    I'm afraid I don't have anything useful to add, but I do feel the same as the OP. Not so much with the iPad, which I don't really use with keyboards, but I ended up hooking up that Dell keyboard to my iMac because for me, it is so much easier to type on than the flat Apple keyboard. I hate how the look doesn't match the iMac, and the USB cable creates an annoying tangle on my desk, but I type a lot more accurately on the Dell keyboard. Before that I used to use an IBM keyboard that probably weighs as much as two iPads, and it was huge, but it had this most satisfying click when you type. Lighter and shallower keyboards do make sense for portability, but there is just nothing like typing on solid, deep keys. Ah, well.
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    HEY! THANKS! Leave it to friends on here to help me spend $$$ :D So that Aten unit will make my USB wired Dell keyboard (the one I use now) work with an iPad...? That will be AWESOME.

    And for the record, I'm going to watch for that laptop Pro keyboard to come out.... Please, if you see this, let me know if you think my old keyboard will work with that Aten unit.... I'm off to do a little research on my own.

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    It should work work with all USB keyboards.
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    Buy the Apple Camera Connection Kit. That gives you a USB port that will work with USB keyboards, so you can use your current Dell keyboard
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    I have two on their way to me now (one for home, one for work) thanks SO MUCH for the tip! I'll post how well they work.

    Extremely excited! :)
  9. Giuly, Jan 28, 2013
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    The Aten tap works with the iPad Mini, too. But you can connect Bluetooth keyboards as well.
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    Most inexpensive way to connect iPad Mini to regular USB keyboard and mouse and TV

    I am new to this forum and don't know if somebody already asked this question. I have an iPad mini which is fine on the go. However, at home I would like to transorm my iPad mini into a "desktop pc" by connecting it to a TV through HDMI and to a USB Keyboard and mouse combo (brand Gateway). Are there any accessories that would accomplish that task?

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