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Funniest podcast in a while...Ask A Ninja.

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Pistol Pete, Mar 22, 2006.

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    Pistol Pete

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    thats funny. i like it
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    I love this series! I use the theme song as my phones ringtone.:cool:
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    this has been my favorite thing for a long long while
    ive even started talking like him
    my friends would be so annoyed if they weren't excactly the same!
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    I first caught this one a few days ago...I love it! It's hilarious. I love the way he describes podcasting:

    "We're like a factory who makes apple pies for whales." hahahaha....
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    "You don't hire a ninja for everybody that you need to kill, I mean if it's a regular joe schmo, that's what Italians are for."

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    "my grandma always told me 'stab first,' I never knew what the second thing was because I stabbed her."

    This is hilarious.
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    'just remember, all you need is an elephant, a large mocha latte, and six weeks in the desert'

    'its something about the way you mispronounce the word comfortable, like you say "comfrable" "convertable" or "pecan"'

    I caught this first on youtube about 3 weeks ago

    1 word...brilliant
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    Ninja colds is my favourite...
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    Man they just blew up after being on Digg.
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    so how do u DL podcasts? (to HDD)
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    ...time to go all ninjascopic
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    ROFL!!! "Boobacabra" :D :D
  14. Sol
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    Not a real ninja

    I do not think he is a real ninja. None of the ninjas I've talked to have heard of him.
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    He sounds like Strong Bad.

    Really funny stuff.

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