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Funny G5 Quad story

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by jasony01, Apr 8, 2009.

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    I'm a former student at a well known design school in Pasadena and while we're known for some really bright talent...but some of the students just make me go wow...wow...really did that just come out of your mouth?

    Theres were these 4 students standing over a G5 quad and after listening to their conversation I derived that their trying to fry the G5 to get a new one from apple since his applecare is expiring in 2 weeks. Below is just some of the things they did;

    1. pull out the videocard while the mcachine is still on and stick a screw driver in the pci slot.***spark everything shuts down but it powers right back up
    2. drag a screw driver over the bottom of the video card
    ***spark everything shuts down and she starts right back up.
    3. drag screwdriver across logic board
    ***same thing spark everything shuts down and it doesn't start right back up but in a minuet or so it starts up again.
    4. took metal scrap strips and were dragging it across the logic board
    ***just gave off really pretty spark show and nothing else
    5. I left before this one but they were discussing putting aluminum foil over the part of the video card that goes into the PCI slot
    ***I'm not a electrical engineer but that sounds really dangerous.

    My question is...after watching ******** 1,2,3 and 4 spark and short the computer out and watching it start right back up how the hell do you fry a G5? From my understanding of computers that should've toasted most computers. Also how can apple tell? God the idiots will weed themselves out haha

    ****Good to be back on this board, last time I was on was in 2003 when I got my first mac, couldn't remember my login or anything.
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    Oh, it's already fried! I guarantee it!

    Hopefully karma will have it's way tho and the machine will seem fine till one day AFTER his applecare expires!

    Poetic justice!
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    thats in INCREDIBLE STORY!!!!!!

    the way to fry it, pour water over it :)
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    see I watched it boot up every single time from 1-3 I didn't witness number 5 but...
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    hopefully it zapps the idiots that are trying to zap it!! id take that G5 anyday!
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    I hope its not Art Center.
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    The problems is, pretty much anything that would actually do permanent damage would void the warranty anyway... Seriously, how do some people even make it to college age?
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    luck :confused: :rolleyes:
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    hahaha yep I dont know which department they were in but they seemed like trans or prod kids
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    Ah man I wished that the G5 would have fried those guys and sent them to the hospital for a good ol kick in the A$$ lesson.
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    Karma's a female dog

    If they are successful I think everybody's karma that participated in that will be collectively bankrupt. That is some downright poor judgement. I hope all of their transmissions go bad in their cars 10 miles after the warranty expires.
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    Their efforts are pointless. All those attempts will be very obvious to any Apple warranty tech and the claim would be denied due to intentional vandalism.
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    Not funny at all

    People like these are why legitimate people cannot get their machines serviced or serviced in the right way. My G5 Quad (which I paid close to 6k for) was spontaneously freezing for the past 8 months. It took 3 trips in to service, 2 hours with applecare support and 30 minutes with Apple Customer Relations to get a solution. I was not looking for a new machine, just a working one. I paid a high price for the machine, purchased Applecare, and expected them to take care of it. I cannot understand how anyone does not see this action as pure fraud. Hopefully Apple will see the evidence of self inflicted damage, and void their warranty.

    Folks, be honest, take care of your computer, and if it fails, Apple will ultimately take care of you. I own at least 20k worth of Apple equipment at any time, and feel that they are extremely fair. You owe them the same.

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    Tell them to look at it funny. It'll spring a coolant leak.

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