Funny isn't it (no respect for G4 Powerbooks)

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Powerbookdriver, Jul 15, 2006.

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    Isn't it funny how so many individuals are now treating the G4 Powerbooks like second rate pieces of crap. All I hear is MBP this and MBP that, give the G4 Powerbook's their just respect. They were and continue to be good machines that perform their tasks well. The Macbook Pro is a wonderful machine, however, some still perfer the Powerbooks. Maybe I have an emotional attachment to mine and maybe not. One thing I hate is some in here sound like PC owners bragging about their latest buy. I thought being a Mac owner was more a life style rather than an ego trip?

    15" G4 Powerbook 1.67ghz/100g/1.5g ram rev d
    G3 Powerbook Pismo 500mhz/80g/384 ram
    Ipod 20g 4th gen
    Ipod Mini 4g
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    I totally agree. Theres nothing wrong with G4 powerbooks, yours owns everything I have:( .
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    That's the way it is with every new product and revision.

    We Mac users are spoiled, spoiled people. :D
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    G4 PBs are definitely not crap. They are still very capable machines. As for people bragging about their latest buy, while there's been more of those kind of threads, I think its been the norm for a while.
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    :( Not every mac user can afford to be spoiled. I started saving for a G4, then the G5's cames out and the price went up, so I had to save up for a bit longer, and now the mac pros are going to come out. But hopefully this time I will have enough for a fully loaded one:cool:
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    I think part of the problem is people today are not satisfied. They are consumed with obtaining more and never really use what they have. It's all about impressing others. We have the need to feel important, so we go out pay for something we don't really need and it gives us that false sense of importance.

    Free yourself and be content! I will upgrade when my current Powerbook only when I need too.

    15" G4 Powerbook 1.67ghz/100g/1.5g ram rev d
    G3 Powerbook Pismo 500mhz/80g/384 ram
    Ipod 20g 4th gen
    Ipod Mini 4g
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    G4's are so '99
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    I have a stupid newbie question: why was the G5 processor never implemented in ibooks, powerbooks, or mac minis? Was it just not around long enough, or was it not designed for laptops, or did it run too hot to be used in laptops?
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    Not designed for laptops and WAY too hot.

    I think the fact the G5 never made it to the powerbooks is why people are looking down on the G4s now, because they waited so long for a decent revision. Imagine if the PowerMacs went from G3 to G5, with the difference of two generations of processors, the same situation would probably exist.
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    Well my 12 in PB is starting to look a little old. She's only 3 years old but next to a sexy black MacBook with a gorgeous wide screen.....:eek:
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    No it was not. If PC companies can get P4s in laptops a G5 laptop was easily possible. Look at the iMac for example.
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    You should watch the film/doc "The Corporation", you would probably find it interesting, if you haven’t already seen it.
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    Except that the PC laptops that have desktop processors in them are 2" (or more) thick and sound like helicopters. I'm actually glad that Apple didn't take the easy way out and sacrifice the design of their product to squeeze in a new processor.
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    Electro Funk

    actually, yes it was... the G5 ran way too hot to fit in the small form factor of apple portables... the iMac is a desktop... not portable.

    do you really think apple just said "F" it .... and just skipped over the g5 upgrades for their portables when their was such a high demand for them:rolleyes:
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    See what happens when a computer company makes the switch from using PowerPC to chips from "evil inside". ;) :D
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    I think the reason most people are talking about the MacBook Pros is because so many people have them.

    For people like me, it was easier to be able to think that when buying a MacBook Pro, I could move over to the familiar Windows if I didn't like OS X. Obviously, that's not the case, but this seems to be how a lot of people see it...
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    I am sorry for the G4 owners, but the Intel machines are *so* much faster that yes, suddenly the G4 is very outdated. It has been outdated for years anyway, there was just nothing else available if you wanted to by a Mac portable.
    The only thing you G4 owners can enjoy is lots more software. Still missing quite a bit for Intel, like Flip4Mac or Audacity. Rosetta is not the most stable thing on the planet :mad:
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    FWIW, I so agree with you on your main points (maybe not the "impressing others"; I neither know nor care about that). I also have a Powerbook G4 (Al) and Powermac G4 and they do all I want or need. And for similar reasons, I am still chundering on with Panther - no obvious need to go to Tiger. Everything does me just fine, as I hope yours does you. :)
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    Couldn't agree more. I use a Ti667Mhz coupled to a BetterLight Super 8k scanback camera system. Long boot time, unstable when running camera software, color of screen is nowhere the color on the LaCie 19" hooked into the video port, even after calibration. I still use OS 9.2.2 for the camera system because it is SCSI, using a Ratoc SCSI card CB31. Adaptec card wouldn't even work in it. Plus, I ran that Geekbench mark program that was posted in the forums last a couple of days, it's slower than my G4/466 digital audio unit.
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    Wow, you are patient!
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    What I love is how the same people that were poo-pooing Intel with every fiber of their being last year all of the sudden think Intel is the best thing since sliced bread.

    You still can't run Adobe or Macromedia for crap on an Intel chip. ;)

    I love both my PPC machines.
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    I don't think so! I know someone who is a graphic designer, and still uses his 400Mhz tiBook with 384MB RAM and 10GB HD for ALL his work in photoshop. It still works perfectly (except for the battery, which after like 5 years, only holds a 10 minute chrage) He is only going to upgrade in the next week to a 17" MBP.
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    The main issue was the battery life. Oh yes, and the heat.

    Steve Jobs gave a detailed explanation of why they didn't put a G5 into the PB's at the last Macworld Keynote

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