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Future Mobile Macs from Apple?

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Feb 21, 2007.

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    ThinkSecret points to a new job description at Apple which is recruiting for a "Manager of Mobile Mac Architecture". The job description is as follows:

    The job description could easily relate to existing Mac laptop projects, such as the Macbook and Macbook Pro, however, ThinkSecret has been led to believe that this position is "with a team working on a new line of Macs."

    There have been persistent rumors that Apple is actively pursuing a sub-notebook form factors and patent applications showing further attempts at miniaturization.

    Finally, Apple's announcement of the iPhone with its "Touch OS X" has led many to speculate that this touch-enabled version of OS X could find its way into new mobile Mac solutions -- but this remains entirely speculative.
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    Touch/speech sensitive mobil devices will be Apple's wave to the future. My credit cards are empty and waiting.
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    A touch screen sub-notebook will lead to a boost in sales of cleaning cloths. Better start investing now...
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    Maccus Aurelius

    If done right Apple could make a very kickass tablet like the modbook. But tablets don't really sell that well despite being pretty nifty hardware. Even with OS X and a more elaborate multitouch system would it even be worth the effort for Apple at all? It could be for ultra-mobile computer systems which could work like the iPhone only much more expanded and media oriented without the network tie-in. A more powerful ultramobile with many of the iPhone's capabilities and without the network necessity and two year contract would be a very interesting product, but still would it be worth bothering with?
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    I bet it is just for the :apple:phone
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    it feels like the iphone was a response to "the demand of the rumormill" now that they have a patent on one of the few feasible multitouch methods, the will start doing a tablet-esqe design. I really think the multitouch thing will be distributed to all of apples offerings and become part of its brand.
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    Maccus Aurelius

    I'd love to see an apple device that allows me to work on my art projects while allowing me to view the work directly in the work surface. I believe Wacom has a tablet like this, but only serves that one function. It would really cater to the creative community where macs have often ensconced themselves.
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    The Cintiq is more along the lines of a pen sensitive LCD monitor - not a tablet in any way.
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    I'm inclinded to beleive its more for the iPhone then JUST for the iPhone. Didn't Job's himself say that they were creating a bunch of phones that would blow this one out of the water?
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    well would be nice for a new mobile mac. :) :apple:
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    lord patton

    Well, it may "feel" that way to you, but I'm pretty sure Apple was responding to the chance to add 5 billion in revenue in '08, not the rumor mill.
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    All I want is a 11/12" MBP, nothing more...bring it on, Apple! My credit card is ready!
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    Gasu E.

    :apple:phone is NOT a "Mac".

    It says "Mobile Mac", therefore it's about computers.

    The fact that prior tablets have not sold well despite "nifty hardware" would not keep Apple from entering the business. Apple enters businesses because they feel they understand customer requirements, and have the willingness and ability to develop perfectly integrated combinations of hardware and software to fulfill those requirements. You can be sure that an Apple tablet, if introduced, would be a combination of both novel hardware and software designed to complement each other.
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    It sounds more like a re-organizing/re-emphasis to me, which would include MacBooks rather than replacing them or being a totally separate line.

    I don't think the MacBook naming would be adopted just to be chucked right away. (Nor the physical design--although the Pro is still PowerBook-like and might get a new design any time.)

    I can certainly see a new "line"--subnotebook--being added to the current models though. And maybe even some touchscreen stuff someday.
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    I am pretty sure this isn't iphone. There are some tech trends that could put apple at the front of a new wave of low-cost, high power low heat, long battery life portable devices.

    Apple is definitely talking with companies like AMD. Since AMD bought ATI the main aim has been to produce a combined CPU/GPU. These will give more bang for the buck, more Power per Watt than current processors and Apple is all about that. The processors are due out later this year and I am sure they will allow new form factors for subnotes, without compromising too much in terms of performance and giving long battery life. The move to Intel has opened Apple up to evaluate processors from folks like AMD. Combine that with an all flash drive, an operating system on a ePROM, a screen that uses lower-power LEDs for backlight and you could have a really serious, powerful portable email device that runs for days.

    thinking about it, I'm going to buy some apple stock!
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    it would be nice if they incorporated multi-touch into the portable line. even if they didn't make a nice chunk of change from it like they do with their existing notebooks, it would be nice to have an offer like that for the niche group that also likes OSX. same for the sub-notebooks.

    i just wish they would start making non-top-of-the-line computers. some people simply cannot afford a macbook and hate the idea of the mini since it doesn't come with keyboard/mouse/screen, but is still around 600 bucks. if they make a notebook for under 800 bucks or sell the mini at 300, even though it won't have all the latest wizz-bang features, they would prolly start making a killing in sales (err, much more than they already do now, that is).
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    "MacBook Mini"
    It will be amazing. That's all I have to say.
  18. s10
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    Think Secret is not reliable.
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    Wow, check out the Apple stock. It's even higher than on Macworld! WTF?
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    screw this crap. I need a goddamn 12" MacBook Pro! I would buy a Macbook, but the plastic casing and nasty keyboard blows. I want my 12"!!!
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    a.k.a. MacMobile :eek:

    (breathe, remember to breathe...)
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    Once you see the iPhone keynote and realize it's running some version of OSX, it's a pretty small leap to see lots of other touchscreen devices.
    Can't wait!
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    EXCITING !!!! :apple: :D
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    There is no way Apple is talking with AMD. They have so much invested in R&D with Intel and Jobs is not stupid enough to risk hurting that relationship. Yes, it would be nice, but Intel is currently in the lead overall, if only slightly. Jobs wouldn't risk losing cooperation with Intel over anything.
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    The macbook isn't so bad (I just got one to replace a 1.33 12" powerbook), it's no pro model though. Bring on a 12" mbp :)

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