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Futuristic iPad Stylus

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by FernandoJT, Jun 4, 2010.

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    I don’t know about you but i want a badass SIMPLE futuristic electronic stylus for my touch screen computing needs. When you hold a pencil or brush with your hand to draw, you obviously use different muscles and joint articulations than when you finger paint. Cavemen and me as a kid use to finger paint. I’m not a caveman and i want to draw like i live in the future. The design of it must be like a regular pencil and the battery HAS to be a super capacitor. Of course the tip can be led or oled that dynamically changes to the color that you have selected in your drawing application. O and we can’t forget the accelerometer so that when you flip it around you can erase and some other fun stuff. It will connect to your devices via bluetooth. To power it is pretty easy, twist the bottom part like your sharpening a pencil. Kinda like those flashlight/radio wind up magnet chargers but doper and obviously smaller. The packaging would also have no ink print on it. It’d also be cool if you squeeze é-stylo so that a color palette appears in your app, another squeeze makes it disappear.


    I’m not an engineer but if we can go to the moon than i’m pretty sure something like this shouldn’t be too hard to make. What other stuff would you like to see in it?

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    Make it with bluetooth pressure sensor and your likely golden! Let the iPad track it, two sensors (pen & eraser) plus the bluetooth setup likely would be pretty cheap. That said wacom's pens don't have power so there is technology out there for that as well (likely patented though).
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    apple requires some for of electrical pulse to go through the medium otherwise it doesnt detect the input - i think? so the device would have to meet those requirements.
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    Wasn't this just posted yesterday?
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    Yeah i did post this yesterday and for some weird reason it was deleted.
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    cover up :eek:
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    lol For a more general use stylus's can be used to perhaps highlight text inside an ibook. I'm curious of other usages besides the creative ones.
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    Poking the wax out of one's ear. Stirring coffee. Correcting spellings and grammar. Stabbing robot vampires through the heart. Yes, it's certainly worth investing in a few. :D
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    I use a ten one design stylus, I assume you guys know about them. I'm just confused as to their absense from this thread :)
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    It's not going to work is it?

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the way the iPad screen works is it looks for a large contact area, which is assumes to be a finger tip, then using maths it calculates the centre point from the surrounding touched area and then used that to plot the point on screen.

    It is not made, and won't react to a fine point touching the screen.
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    Exactly. Does not work with fine tipped points.
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    If you could I really think you should make it! I'd buy one :D
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    Its a real shame this wont work -_-

    The surface area has to be atleast .5cm for the amount of static to be transmitted.

    There have been many times while drawing where I wished there was a very very very thin stylus available for the iPad, using those thick ones just arent good enough.. Its basically the same as using my finger

    PS: If you manufactured this and it worked correctly, I would buy 10 of them easily.
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    The big problrm eith these styluses is they dont sttaxh to the case so you always forget tonbring one or where you left it. Why couldnt apple have designed the new case to have a little opening or pocket thst encloses for flings or styluses?
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    more pics

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    I wasnt talking about those, I meant the aluminum grey ones with the coloured tips
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    Basically correct, but not using just the area. It calculates the center point using the intensities of the touch patch. (Your finger touch looks like an upside mountain peak to the computer, with cliffs etc.)

    Yes, it's supposed to reject random tiny areas, which is why even the fine-pointed stylii actually create a large patch with a better defined center peak.

    I use a Boxwave stylus with my Galaxy Tab. It has a pocket clip, so it fits safely inside the spine of the Tab's leather left-flip-open daytimer case.

    I've ordered a Dagi stylus to see if it does better at quick drawing, though.

    Really need an active stylus, like the one in the forthcoming HTC Flyer.

    Combination finger and stylus input is going to be the next hot thing for people who actually create on the fly.
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    The name of the stylus is called e.stylo and it's made of wood. The iPhone and iPad capacitive touch screen technology doesn't not recognize non-conductive material such as plastic or wood. But we figured out a simple way for this to work. From our research, the thinnest we could get the tip to be was around 3mm. Even when it was this thin it didn't always recognize the tip. You don't write with the tip, rather the bottom lays kinda flat on the screen but having it this way makes it seem as if you are writing with the tip.

    e.stylo works pretty cool. It has zero drag, both tips work at various angles and it works with gloves on.

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    I have no desire to ever use a stylus again. I was happy to give it up when I replaced my last pda a Palm T|5.
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    It's for artists :]

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    Cant you make the tip of your stylus bendy so that it doesnt sould hard when tapping ot sliding the stylus on a touchscreen?

    PS: Im sure there is some conductive metal inside the stylus, a completely wooden stylus is impossible to design to be interactive with a capative touchscreen without the innards made of a conductive metal and then having somewhere along that black area coated with the metal.
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    Futuristic iPad Stylus
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    I'll start looking into that, but don't worry the stylus won't damage your screen. The tips are about has hard as your finger nails and your finger nails won't scratch your screen.

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