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FW-CDRW & OS X compatible?

Discussion in 'Mac Help/Tips' started by Stike, Feb 18, 2002.

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    Recently I bought a Firewire-Case with ATA connector to include HD, CD and so on. My second HD worked seamless. Plug and play. Great.

    But now I´ve tried a CDRW in the housing and OS X and even Toast don´t recognize it. (neither OS 9). It is a "Acer CRW2410A". Older/slower Acer Models are supported by Toast, but not this one.

    I´m about to give it back now. Has anyone a CDRW on Firewire that works with OS X, iTunes and Toast? Or a compatibility list?

    Any hints... please... nnEed..To BUrN CDs...!!
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    I had a similar problem...

    I had a similar problem with my VST CD-RW & my firewire hd enclosure...

    what I had to do was make sure I chained the CD-RW last....and have the external hd plug into the computer....make sure to either start the system up this way or log out & then back in again...then it all was recognized...

    I'm sure this isn't going to be the solution for u...but I thought I'd bring it up anyway...
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    I have had no issues with either my FireWire hard drives (one converted 40GB Maxtor and one 30GB VST Titanium drive) nor my Que Fire drive (24x10x40). I do know that the QPS drive has a Plextor mechanism.

    I would suggest checking the jumper setting on the back of the cdrw drive.. Set it to either cable select or whatever it is not at the moment (master/slave).
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    now this one

    Ok, in the meantime I´ve tried some different CDRWs, I´ve installed 10.1.3, now with a Memorex 32maxx in the case...

    And TATAAA!!! Apple System Profiler tells me the name and type of the drive, but inserted disks still don´t appear on the Finder, and iTunes and Toast don´t find a burner.

    Currently, the CDRW is in MASTER mode.

    We´re getting closer, I think 10.1.3 helped. Any suggestions about the next step??;)
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    Try setting the drive to cable select... Also, are there any firmware updates for the drive?? Is it on the list of supported drives???
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    Cable select and Slave modes make the drives data disappear in system profiler. It leaves the box about the volume empty. Thats not a progress...:rolleyes:

    The Firmware is up to date, the drive is brand-new, and on the memorex.com homepage this model is not in the firmware updates section yet.

    The Model is: "32MAXX 1240AJ"
    and, due to its actuality, not on the supported list @ Toast...

    Seems like I have to wait till its supported... argh...:mad: :eek: :confused: :rolleyes: :eek: :(
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    BTW It is wonderous that the CD-RW is completely connected and logged in, as System Profiler states. Why can´t I just use it then?
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    I just checked and see that my current burner is not in Roxio's list for Toast, but it is in Apple's list of supported burners, when using Toast. Go figure.

    Which version of Toast are you using?? Is it the version that came with a drive, or the deluxe/retail version?? I have the deluxe/retail version and it works perfectly. Does Acer have a toast extension for that drive??

    If you don't have the retail version of Toast, I would suggest getting it.

    Also, Acer doesn't list the Mac OS as being supported with their burners (window$ only it appears).

    While the drive may show up in the profiler, since it isn't 100% supported could be the reason why it doesn't work in any other fashion.

    If you purchased the drive exclusively to use as an external firewire drive, I would return it and get something else (that is supported). Otherwise, you will have to wait and hope that they decide to support the drive on the Mac.
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    Ok, that´s it. I give up. I´ll return my current drive and purchase an other officially for Mac designed drive with firewire-case. Gonna cost me "some" more $$$ but at least it´ll work.

    Sad but true, Apple and the manufacturers need to fix a lot in this aspect.

    Thanks to you guys for helping!:)
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    Glad we could help...

    Which drive will you be getting?? I have had great results with the QPS burners.

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