FW400 or USB

Discussion in 'iPod' started by acarle208, Apr 10, 2008.

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    Just wondering if i shuld use Firewire 400 or USB for iTunes syncing my iPod?
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    Either will work (if your iPod supports firewire).

    You shouldn't notice much of a difference as the available bandwidth on either port will not be utilized to full potential.
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    Not sure about the Mini but the Nano 3G doesn't support FW except for charging.
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    if you can i would us fw because in my experience fw is faster for larger transfers
    (i believe it can sustain a faster speed for longer than usb)
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    thanks everyone.
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    Which is fastest(not for iPod)?
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    FW400, because it's always constant data speed and USB will differ in speeds.
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    Honestly, I say just pick one and use it. You're not going to notice a difference.
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    but USB will get 480mbps at maximun speed while firewire 400 is max.
    am i right ??
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    Correct, but USB is not always sustained 480. It has to share it bandwith with other ports, where as FireWire has 400mbps for every single port. And it's always 400 mpbs. USB 99% of the time is going much and much slower.

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