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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by hatchet92882, Jul 4, 2007.

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    :D :D Ok, i just bought a g3 333 of ebay, :D YAY my very first mac:D , (hasn't got here yet) and i'm wondering if it is possible to change out the cd-rom and get a cdrw/dvd or even a dvd burner. Thanks for all the help, i'll be on here alot probley. Oh and is it possible to trade files with my windows machine, thanks. It has 10.3 (panther???) installed, 256ram, 6g hd!!! Thanks Guys
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    Fleetwood Mac

    Its all possible. I couldn't tell you where to get the parts, but I believe they're readily available. Put a bigger HD in there while you have the chance. Here's some info on Windows File Sharing.
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    eeyy man congratulations on ur purchase. getting an older mac is a really good start for newbies, a lot of people opt for the big massive 10k machine and then call it a piece of crap when they dont know how to use it :) good decision,

    id suggest upping the ram, 256 isnt enuf. at least 512. and possibly 768, or even 1gb if u want. hahaha. def bigger hd as fleety suggested.


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    :apple: Yea all those upgrades are commingalong with a processior upgrade. I know windows like the back of my hand and now its time to learn something new. espically since i'll be doing video editing for my church on there mac (i know the G3 won't do it). So it is possible to change out the cd drive, is there a certin one i need to get or will any do?
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    I would not go for a processor upgrade. There are some companies that still do that, but it is a minimum $100 just for a faster g3. If you are going for editing, I would at least go for a late model G4. As for the CD drive. I am not sure what specific model you need. When something breaks on my G3 I have a garage full of parts to throw in it. It is a tray load, and I dont have many of them. Personally I would just throw a bigger HD in it. Ram for the slot loads is too expensive(laptop ram). I am assuming you only spent $50 on it, so you should put your money to a better computer after you figure everything out
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    ARGH, My mac won't get shipped till monday, geez the whole weekend, and i'll be lucky to get it before next weekend, THE HORROR!!! Ok, sorry, i just had to vent, I've been looking foward to getting my "MAC feet" wet for a long time. How 'bout you share some of the wealth, as long as it reads dvds im good. Well i spent a total of $65.24, $19 of that was the cost of the computer, rest is shipping from Wyoming. I won't be using the mac to edit, the one at church i will, they have a NICE mac (dual-core 1.25gh, 2g or ram, 30" display) I'm drooling about it, LOL. It will be a while before i'll have the fundage to get another mac so i want to enjoy this as much as possible, family and bills come before the computer. the ram i saw was only about 20-30 bucks, since it maxes out at 512 i only need one, love to have 1 in ther but not possible. whats is wrong with a processor upgrade, i mean make it a 600mhtz from a 333 is HUGE. I'm not arguing but just trying to figure out what is possible. Anyways thanks alot, very helpful
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    Not to rag on your hopes, but the 66 MHz bus, the EIDE bus, and the anicent Rage II graphics will ruin your expericince with that 600 MHz processor, you're best just saving your money for a newer machine down the road.

    If you're good with a soldering iron, you may be able to overclock the 333 to 366 or 400, by changing resistors, putting some thermal goop on the heatsink, and putting a fan on it too.
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    Ok, since a processior upgrade is shot down, lol. What about upgrading the motherboard so it will have firewire ports, or it that a stupid idea, so if i decide i want tiger (or whatever the new os is) it will work? Thanks guys
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    Tiger won't work without xpostfacto. I would stick with panther anyway. As for ram; it only takes so-dimms, a 512 stick of that is about $50. Panther will be fine with 2 128 sticks (<$20). A new motherboard won't fit in your newer model. As for a dvd upgrade; they never made a dvd slot load, so no help from me.

    Sorry to be a bummer. Those imacs have great speakers, at their speeds, they are best at being juke boxes. Youtube won't even work well. You could always just throw in a bigger hard drive, leave the ram alone and run itunes 2 under OS 9. Panther is necessary if you want any newer software. I just put a 40gb in mine and use it as my backup for my ipod.
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    well i'm using it first to learn mac os x, second its just for 3 things - internet, e-mail, HD video editing, Just joking, i know it would kill me if i try that. internet, e-mail, and music. But later on (taxtime) i will be getting a mini or g4 imac, Can't wait!!!!!

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