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G3 B&W getting a Pioneer DVD needs your help!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by animpaul, Sep 29, 2003.

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    I am tending to a friend's B&W G3-350 as it receives a Pioneer 105 DVD/RW upgrade. DVD movies will not play on the Apple DVD Player v1.1 We are aware that this model of Mac uses a hardware encoder to play movies and must use v1.1.

    Q: Did removing the original CD/DVD Player take the encoding hardware with it? Or is that encoder on the motherboard after all and I just goofed on a driver/extension!?

    ps- it plays CDs & records CDs just fine. Here is the error that haunts us at nights: "Apple DVD Player cannot open because the required hardware cannot be found"

    Thank you!
    paul & bewildered crew
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    The encoder on the b&w g3 is a add on card to the video card. If you want to play dvd's on it you would either need teh add on card which will cost 70- 90 dollars on ebay or more since i havnt checked lately, or a video card capable of dvd playback such as the Radeon MAc Edition, Radeon 7000, Ati 128 something. I recomend teh Radeon Mac Edition or the 7000
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    Thank you applemacdude-

    I will look into your video card solution as I know that is where encoders are found on today's technology. Though I have to admit the machine has been playing DVDs on an ATI 16mb PCI card using it's original DVD player. As soon as I plopped in the Pioneer it stopped being able to play them.

    I have an idea that this early DVD-capable Mac is reliant on the original DVD player somehow, even if the encoder is located on that 16mb card. I'll look around, thanks!

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    What OS are you using?
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    Applemacdude, u da bomb

    Thank you for your fast and accurate replys.

    We carpet bombed the B&W G3 with your suggestions and got the Pioneer to play DVDs. Funny enough, the Patch now allows us to use ANY version of Apple DVD player. Even v1.1 !

    The night's reward was Tolkein's "The Two Towers", a hit for everyone- thanks.

    paul :D !

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