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G3 ibook airport card

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Mindcrime13, Jun 12, 2007.

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    i just bought a used Ibook g3 800mhz, and i does not come with the airport card,
    i was searching on ebay and came across this:

    what you think of that? would it work as good as a original appel card?
    will ti damage my computer?
    or should i get an original apple card?

    i got this email from them;

    Yes, I can gurantee it will not damage your Mac. My card and
    the apple airport card are both 16-bit PCMCIA cards and follow
    the standards of PCMCIA. Moreover, the airport slot conforms to
    the standards set forth for a PCMCIA receptacle slot.
    I have DOA protections for buyers stated in my listing. I do not
    have a warrantly because I have never sold a bad card or had a
    reported failure. Warranties are based on failure rates, I have no
    failures to speak of. I have some customers from 2 years ago
    reporting the cards still work great.

    thanks for your help!
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    Your link doesn't work.

    In general, I'd recommend going with a real Apple card. Their prices have come down quite a bit recently as more and more of the machines that take them bite the dust.
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    my other question, once i hook up the card, do i need to download any special software? or do the machine automatically mount the card and show it in the network preferences??
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    Thanks...original AirPort cards seem to be going for only about $5 more than the generic one you're looking at. So I'd probably still recommend the Apple version.
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    thanks for your advise i went head and bought the apple one, !thanks alot,

    how about the software?

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