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G3 wireless USB device

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by wbgordon, Jul 4, 2009.

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    The used G3 I bought for my 12-year-old Mac afficionado son does not appear to have a wireless card. (Or does it?) I was going to buy a wireless external USB device to enable. Any advice on which kind to buy?
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    i went to Walmart and got the one below, it works great and is Wireless N. If you have trouble setting it up just call tech support they are pretty nice and will help for no charge.

    what I like it the extension base unit, other USB adapters do not have that feature so you have to stick them right in the USB port and it will stick out.

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    Is the Belkin unit built esp for Macs? I assume also you have to set up by running the AirPort setup in disk utilities, correct?

    Thank you so much!
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    No its not built esp for Mac. As for setup, they include a CD, but the CD is for Windows, but you should be able to use it for Mac.

    I actually used mine on my old Toshiba laptop with XP, but I would suggest calling Belkin 1 800 223 5546 and tell them you are looking at product F5D8053 and tell them you have a Mac, see what they say.
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    It probably won't work on a Mac. I bought a Linksys USB wireless adapter at CompUSA and the Mac won't even read the disk. The box says the product is for Windows XP or Vista (I should have questioned the salesman who recommended it). So I assumed that was why it did not work.
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    Did you try calling tech support for Linksys, i just think most people have Windows and that is why the CD is for Windows, I would think the product would work on Mac, it just needs to be setup differently.

    I would try calling Belkin and tell them you are looking at getting that model and ask them how to set it up on a Mac. i never set mine up on my Macbook as I had airport express already in it.

    i just recently replaced my wireless router, i bought a Belkin N and the cd would not set up in my desktop which is Vista, but I called and they walked me through manual setup, my Mac was able to detect it through the network profiles, so I would assume using that USB wold be a similar setup
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    I contacted Linksys and not only will the adapter sold to me not work, Linksys DOES NOT make an adapter for Mac.
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