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G4 867MHz Tower

Discussion in 'Hardware Rumors' started by Paolo, Sep 21, 2001.

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    Is A G4 867MHz Tower worth buying or is it soon to be outdated by a better Mac (ie newer G4 or G5)?
    (by sooner I mean in the next 6 months)

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    I looks like it

    Well... 6 months is a long time buddy... in computer years to human years thats like 75 in human years... yes... it well be out dated in at least 6 months... and so will the one after that ..... and so on... if you keep waiting.. you will never get one.
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    I read that Motorola had a 1Ghz G4 processor that Apple could use!! Probably three/four new models in January!

    1. G4 1Ghz
    2. 1.2Ghz G5
    3. 1.2Ghz Dual G5
    4. 1.4 Ghz G5

    IF ALL goes to plan!! Just my opinion though
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    human years vs computer years

    listen to what evildead says, just jump in because any computer is truly, unworkably, butt-draggingly obsolete after 2 to 3 years...my gamer buddies don't like their rigs after just one year!

    it does not make sense waiting and waiting unless there is something that you "really want", like a G5 or LCD imac and assuming the wait won't kill you

    i am happy with my fall '99 ibook and early '99 pc laptop even though they only chug along at 300 and 366 MHz, respectively and are both tapped out RAM wise at a mere 160 MB

    (i will most likely replace the pc laptop with a 1 GHz+ celeron or duron running machine, 512 MB RAM, at a time when a laptop like that dips well below a $800, which if the trends continue, will be by late next year (right now a pc celeron 600 new in back of pc mags with 64 MB RAM is 799)

    ...and i will get a new mac when i can get a low end, sub-1000 dollar machine in the 1 GHz range with 512 MB of RAM...also late next year or early 2003...my guess??)

    and speaking about age...i am of an ethnic background where i don't age quickly or show my age...until age 60...that is when we all turn into leather handbags

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    as a salesperson my general response to your concern is like jef's. someone invariably asks:

    "how long until this machine is obsolete?"


    "i just heard that this is coming out and maybe i should wait."

    basically i break it down very simply, any machine that you buy that is already built and ready to be bought is already obsolete. by the time computer models are conceived, packaged, and shipped there is something bigger and better. you as a consumer can play the waiting game for months, all the while NOT having a new computer, or you can jump in and be happy realizing that technology moves to fast to keep up, but your machine meets your needs for now and in the forseeable future.

    if its just a machine you want to have fun with and you dont NEED it, feel free to wait. if you really are in the market for a computer and feel that you need it, just get one because the longer you wait the unhappier you will be.

    (selling isn't as easy without body language :) )
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    It (g4 867) will definately be outdated by then.

    Can you wait? But then the next best thing will be just around that corner... waiting can be frustrating

    I gernerally buy right after a major show. But sometimes I have not been able to wait.

    When it is for buisness and your income is dependant upon your machine...then the lost time "making do", is not recouperated by the savings on the "new machine".

    Simply...if your current machine does what it should then wait for after MWSF. If it isn't doing what you need and you use it for work. Then don't wait.
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    I got a 867 as soon as it came out. I love it.. but i was really hopping for DDR RAM. RAM is a major bottle neck in a desktop. Normaly I would say... why wait.. your just going to wish you waited for anoter 3 months for the next best thing.. but the next best thing sounds like it may be a significant change. DDR, USB 2.0, FireWire 2.0, 133ATA. That would be a smoking system. I hear that tee G5 will be a expensive and Apple will still sell G4's for those of us that cant afford the G5. So... if you think you can afford a few hundred more clams for a G5 with all the nifty stuff.. then waite for it... but if your looking for a 100 Mhz seep boost... then... theres not much point in waiting arround for it. Plus if you wait ... the Apple LCD's will come down in price .. maybe even a '19 ... I got the '17 with my 867.. best LCD i have ever seen.
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    just remember that you can play the waiting game forever.
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    You sure can, but from all accounts is it to hard to wait another month for a product that is only updated every 6 months?
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    Ive been reading these threads for a long time and i feel ive gotten to know many of you pretty well. Ive been reluctant to post because of the whole registration process but i was so shocked by your responses to this thread that i charged right through the painful registration.

    Frankly, you all sound like the hard-sell computer dealers one finds at Frys Electronics. I totally disagree with the buy now mentality that you are propogating. So here is my 2 cents.

    The best time to buy any apple computer is after the first revision. Many people are tempted to buy just before an upcoming release by the low prices. I feel this is the worst time to buy, but sometimes unavoidable.

    As an example I give you the powerbook g4. buying a g3 powerbook just before the g4 came out was a mistake. because 2 months went by (or less) and your chip is out of date. Now some might think then wait the two months and buy the powerbook g4. But as I said before the best time is after the first revision. so now is the best time to buy a g4 powerbook. a significant update to the chip is a long way off (at least 2 years in my opinion). apple has worked out all the bugs that were in the first powerbook (less overheating, faster HD, better graphics card, airport included). so if you buy now u have a great powerbook g4 that probably has a life of top of the line computing for 2 years. whereas if you bought a g3 powerbook in 2000 you would have top of the line computing for less than 4 months.

    Consider how long the g4 has been, out 3 years already, who knows how long the g5 will be out. if you bought a g3 powermac 3 years ago you would have been outdated in a month, but if you bought a first revision powermac g4 you would have at least 3 years (depending on when we see a g5) before your computer is significantyly outdated.

    yes, any compuyter is out of date the minute its produced blah blah blah. dont believe it. typically if your computer has the latest chip structure then all the little speed boosts wont set you too far back. what outdates your computer is new chip structures, and apple has been very slow with these.

    now some have mentioned that sometimes you just HAVE to buy, you dont have the option to wait. this was where i was when i bought my g3 powerbook. but since you are asking im assuming you have the option to wait. so the choice is yours. but consider if you wait until january and there are no g5s can you then wait 3 more months, can you wait 1 year for the first revision of the g5? if you buy a g5 in january or march or even december (2002) then you probably have at LEAST 2 years before the g6 (or whatever is next) comes out and puts you behind the times, versus a few months if you buy that g4 now.
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    first timer

    I like the registration thing.. on one can post as you that way.

    ... I only say wait... to get the better one... I am way to big of a MacHead to buy a old one

    Welcome to macrumors :)

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    i'm buying one now!

    g4667 right now!

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