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G4 Cube 450

Discussion in 'Mac Help/Tips' started by Yellow99Stang, Mar 11, 2002.

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    I have come upon an opportunity to buy a like new Cube with the DVD. WIll OSX work well with this and can i leave the cube on for long periods of time?
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    Yes on both counts. The cube is a solid unit. Heat is not an issue unless you're overclocking it or setting objects on the vent that might obstruct flow.

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    I don't have a mac, so I'm not a great source of info, but you may want to check the other threads before you buy the cube. There are quite a few people who are looking to upgrade their Gr400's and G4450's because they aren't fast enough. In addition, there are those who complain about OSX's speed on 800+Mhz G4 towers.

    A cube at 450 may not be fast enough for OSX (at least in its current release). But, then again, you should test drive the cube and see for yourself.
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    Dude, if you don't have, or use a Mac, then don't comment about speeds. If you haven't used a G4 based system the same rule applies.

    As for the G4 450 cube... Depending on how much memory is installed, which video card is in it, and how much you want the sweet sytling, I would say go for it. Personally, I don't leave any of my systems running if I am going to be away from it for more then an hour. That means, shut off when I am at work, or sleeping. Before I leave the office, I also shut down my Mac as well as any other systems that I have been working on.

    OSX will work on the cube, and since it is the 450 it should work well. I am running OSX on a G4 500 TiBook, and I have run it on my G4 500 tower (agp graphics, single processor). Both systems perform well, and do every task that I ask of them without chocking.

    The best upgrade you could do, would be to boost the memory to at least 512.

    Otherwise, enjoy the cube...
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    If you don't think OS X is speedy enough on your 400 MHz you'll probably feel the same way about the 900Mhz. The underlying funcationality of the system is very fast, its just the UI that lags a bit.

    Trust me though, programs still spend most of their time waiting for you, not visa-versa.

    I own two 400 Mhz G4s and they are plenty fast. The desktop machine is especially fast. The only modification I've made is upgrading the RAM and also the graphics card which you won't be able to upgrade (easily) with the cube. So make sure you are happy with the graphics power. Other than that, I think you'll find the speed just dandy, especially for the price tag of an older machine.


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    Thanks everyone, I think i am going to take the plunge and get it and just max out the ram as the first order of business. I am not gaming on the mac platform or doing anything more graphics intensive then some webdesign and photoshop for my pictures which isn't so graphics consuming. BUt i appreciate the advice!!! :)
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    where you getting the cube.... i really really really want one

    i have a g4 867 but it's technically my parents and they get angry at me for using it so much and keeping it in my room

    my only complaint about the 867 is its noise... which is why i want the cube!
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    If you max out the ram - then you're away laughing. OSX on the Cube is very fast, and very stable. I've got 768Mb of ram in my Cube running 10.1.3, and I DEFINITELY can't complain (and even running graphics-intensive games like Aliens Vs Predator and STV:Elite Force are a joy - although I only currently have the bog-standard ATI Rage Pro 16Mb, by upgrading that to something more "gutsy" like a GeForce 2MX or a Cube Radeon, I should be getting near enough to 60fps instead of a hovering 30fps...).

    But if you STILL don't like the speed, you've always the option of a Dual-Processor upgrade, courtesy of Sonnet's Encore Duet G4 500MP - BECAUSE IT FITS IN THE CUBE!!!!:D

    Good luck in your purchase!
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    Wow!! I did not know that.

    How do you pack such a big thing in that little cube?

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    Life in the little box yet...

    A couple of very successful projects have been undertaken (with a few basic internal modifications) to put a Dual-Processor in the Cube -

    The standard Apple G4 450MP was the first to be tried - and is now known as the "Blue Smoke Squared". Details of this can be found @ www.applefritter.com/hacks/bluesmoke2/index.htm

    Then, when Sonnet brought out their Dual-G4 500 board, someone decided to replace their old chip with THAT.

    Details at www.xlr8yourmac.com/systems/cube/dual_g4_cube/sonnet_duet_cube/dual_g4_cube_Sonnet.html

    They make for good reading - I'd do it, but I've just extended my Apple warranty by another 2 years. Damn!

    They say though, you definitely need to put a fan inside - but Apple kindly provided a space (and an internal power outlet) for one, possibly to accomodate a processor upgrade somewhere along the line (when the Cube project was still alive and beating). A japanese company produced a really decent-looking external Cube fan unit which sits underneath the vent, and blows air upwards. You can see that link thru www.cube-zone.com if you're interested (the company also makes bloody nice-looking USB hubs and Drive Cases - very hi-tec.), but be warned - the site is in Japanese, and is a bugger to read (Do not adjust your sets...).

    Now if only I can put a powerful graphics card in that small space - the G4 Tower GeForce 2MX definitely fits, and I've heard that GeForce 3's have been successfully "transplanted", but that's just a "rumour"...;)
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    Actually, I didn't comment about the speeds. If you take the time to re-read what I posted, I said that others were making comments about speed. Point being, if others are making comments about G4 400's not being fast enough, the originator of this thread should seek them out and find out more information. I only was trying to point out that there were various threads on this site that s/he should read before buying because there are differeing opinions.

    That being said, my friend has a G4 500 and OSX looked fast to me, but because I don't own or use a mac, I kept my comments about the speed to myself and merely suggested that s/he continue his/her research on the speed issue. I also suggested that this site had a great deal of information on that issue if s/he just took the time to look.

    Make sure you read what I say before you flame me for something I didn't say.
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    mcrain, my comments stand... since you DON'T own, OR use a Mac, you have only other people's perceptions to go on, which is a bad way to be.

    I take no stock in other people claiming that a G4 800 (or higher) is slow... I have a 733 right here at work that screams at pretty much everything that I ask of it. The ONLY thing that it takes longer then my G4 500 PowerBook to do is burn cd's. That is only because I have a faster burner at home...

    Use one for a day or five, and then you have a basis for commenting about speeds.

    As for the people claiming that the G4 400 is too slow... They probably don't have the latest updates, or did something different when they did install the OS onto the computer. It is ALWAYS a good idea to periodically optimize your system. Slower performance is one indication that it is time. With OS X being as stable as it is , it is NOT uncommon to have heavy fragmentation, but the OS refuses to go down. OS 9 was not that stable.
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    Your comments stand? That just doesn't make any sense.

    I only suggested that the person with the opportunity to buy the cube take a look at the threads and talk with people like yourself who do know about OSX and have used macs on a regular basis.

    I never said a G4 at 400 was slow or that the most current version of OSX is slow, only that there are people on these boards who have said those things. If those people are wrong because they are using the wrong version of OSX or because their drive is fraged or for whatever reason, then that information is valuable information that the person buying the cube should know.

    Again, read my post. I never expressed any opinion about the cube, OSX, or speed. I only suggested that the thread orgininator should continue his/her research on these threads because there is lots of useful information.

    By the way, you're not taking stock in other people's claims is because you regularly use macs. You are exactly the person that yellowstang should be talking to, which was my point to begin with!

    To set the record straight, since you didn't seem to catch my point, I did use a G4 500 TiBook and a G3 Ibook running at a similar speed, and both seemed very very fast to me, and both were running older versions of OSX. So, if you think I'm bashing OSX or apple in any way, you are mistaken.
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    Calm down both of you~

    C'mon guys, there's no need to get so heated about this.

    I think as long as the Cube is test-driven, there's no need for everyone to argue from different perspectives about what is fast or not.

    Try before you buy. That's the message

    (writing on a 333 G3 Powerbook - OS X IS slow on this system. Hence I won't be using it as my main OS until I buy my next machine. And I'm still not convinced of the wisdom of the command line. It seems fundamentally un-mac-like):(
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    This thread and Kishba

    Kishba, I am buying it from a friend for a good price. I always wanted a cube because it is supopsed to be absoluetely silent.
    I also didn not mean for there to be controversy because of my questions. They were just to help me decide and i thank eveyone for that!
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    Let us know how you enjoy the cube... and it is virtually silent. You might hear some sounds from the hard drive, but that is about all.

    Just remember which way to insert into the cd/dvd drive and you will be happy.

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