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G4 Cube....... again

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by Lucky736, Jul 23, 2004.

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    Sorry to repost. 2 more people have backed out due to inadequate funds. :rolleyes:


    G4 450
    20GB HD
    256MB RAM
    Apple Pro Keyboard and Mouse
    2 Firewire Ports
    4 USB Ports- 2 on CPU 2 on Keyboard

    Very Good Condition

    600 Shipped

    References available

    *Please don't troll the thread if your not interested, don't air yourself out*

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    is he trolling his own thread?! :rolleyes:
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    nah he is just bumping it up. But i doubt anyone will pay 600 for that comp.
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    Please don't tell me what I can and can't post in a forum that you don't own. I find that highly rude. If you don't want people replying to your thread, don't post it.

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    Doctor Q, if you want, you can delete this post.
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    Not to defend Lucky, and not to say i'm doing the right thing now, but I can understand that he doesn't want thread becoming battleground for not constructive criticism. So it's kind of rude to do what we do here as well.
    But i do find it a bit off for him to push this sale so hard when obviously no body is interested.
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    Yeah try asking a bit lower of a price and im sure it will sell :) P.S to everyone on this forum site. This man is the one who backed out of a trade/sale with me over my powerbook because it had like 2 scratches. PICKY PICKY!!!!!!!!!
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    600 buckaroos for a cube? and no screen?...eh, it reminds me of when i tried selling my 15 gig iPod with 2000 songs for 400$ LMAO haha, one thing i learned is that people are really really cheap :D :p sometimes you have to sacrifice, and 600$ is alot for a cube, sometimes you cant get the money you want from the product... :(
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    He never even replied to my offers. I made another offer in YAOHCT (Yet another of his cube threads). I'll offer $500 (lower RAM now) shipped. If he wants to sell it, this can be done quickly. I'll use escrow.com and do the transaction by credit card. I'll pay their fee.
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    I backed out of it? Hmmmmm I don't even remember looking at notebooks anytime recently, least not on the forums anyway. Rdowns, with all the problems people have with escrow service I only accept Casheirs check or Postal Money Orders. You can check my E-bay Feedback for validity and honesty at Lucky7366 on E-bay.

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    Doctor Q

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    From the moderator

    Lucky736 has gotten plenty of feedback from everyone on pricing, multiple threads, and bumping. That's enough. Arguments have gotten personal and none too polite. The rules should now be clear to those involved.

    From here on in this thread, post only if you are interested in this particular purchase. If you think there are better deals elsewhere, fine, but don't tell us about it. If you want to make a reasonable offer, do so. If you have no interest in the G4 Cube being offered, ignore this thread.

    Posts contrary to these instructions will be deleted without comment.

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