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g4 cube vs ibook 900 mghz

Discussion in 'Buying Tips, Advice and Discussion (archive)' started by Bunzi2k4, Aug 4, 2003.

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    my friend thinks that his cube is faster than a new ibook... can someone have any thing to add other than the mghz is faster and bigger l2 cache? cuz he won't believe it... (what a pig-head)
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    his cube could be faster in a few, few apps, but for the most part if its a stock cube the ibook, minus the
    Hard drive bottle neck, will clean up with the cube.
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    The iBook has better video performance, I'm not sure about the rest, it shuld be. My pismo was faster than my dual 500:confused:
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    I love my 450 MHz G4 Cube to death. That being said, I ran Xbench on both it and my 700 Mhz 16 MB Radeon iBook.

    The results were basically a wash. The Cube was faster on some tests (video, HD), while the iBook was faster on others. I don't remember exactly what the results were, but they were very comparable.

    This won't be the case for long, though. I'm saving my pennies for a 1.2 Ghz upgrade for my Cube. I'd like to see you try to cram one of those in your iBook...
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    i never said i had an ibook i have the 12 inch pb!!! well my friend says that his g4 cube 450 mghz is faster in everything and i mean EVERYTHING than the ibook 900 mghz... i dunno... i don't think he quite understands the concept of the mghz i mean... there is no difference in g3 mghz, g4 mghz, and g5 mghz, its all the new stuff that the chips come with (like the g4 has the velocity engine)... right?
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    if he has a stock model cube then he doesn't know what he's talking about.... the cube has half the video memory and half the clock speed... the G4 might let him be faster on some altivec enabled tests, but on the whole, the ibook will destroy a stock model cube.
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    i'm not sure what kind of cube he has, but he has a 450 megahertz cube
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    The correct abbreviation for "megahertz" is MHz.

    Also, other factors to consider:
    How much RAM was in each machine?
    What apps were open for each?
    What OS was on each machine?
    What is the bus speed of each machine?
    What was the screen res. for each?

    In nearly all cases, each factor has to be equivalent (except for the hardware) before comparison. At ideal conditions, the only benefit of having a Cube in the comparison of a 450MHz Cube to a 900MHz iBook is you have a Cube.
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    o... i thought it was mghz... but ok i'll keep that in mind

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