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G4 --------->>> G5

Discussion in 'Hardware Rumors' started by Ensign Paris, Nov 7, 2001.

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    Ensign Paris

    How about it then? I am sure that G5s will be coming out in Janurary... Look at it:

    The 9600 design only lasted 8 months, it then became the G3 Beige design which lasted from Nov97 till Jan99.

    The Blue G3 design only lasted Jan99 to Sep99 then with a re-colouring became the G4.

    The G4 Original design lasted from Sep99 till Jul01.

    The G4 QuickSilver released Jul01 therefore a replacment should be released about 7 months later.

    2. August
    3. September
    4. October
    5. December
    6 Janurary

    Almost! Possibly Apple could be ahead of schedule, possibly updated G4 or HOPEFULLY G5!

    I guess this may end up in a forum war!!

    Ensign Paris
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    Ensign Paris

    Another thing...

    I also think that Bus speeds will be updated.

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    great points

    it sounds like we may have the G5!
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    Ensign Paris

    I sure has hell hope so! I wonder what would happen to the PBG4 though. Although when the original G3PB was introduced it was updated majorly with in the few months.



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  5. SPG
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    I haven't seen anything indicating that the G5 chip runs much hotter than the G4, so not putting it in a laptop would more likely be a marketing decision. Anyone heard about the possibility of a G5 laptop? Hell, I'd buy one of those in a second, especially if they made the case even cooler than the ti.
    Whoa, now how about this...A G5PB with a 15" screen that has the iBook's crisper resolution, faster bus, combo drive, any takers?
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    Ensign Paris

    I'll take 2

    Just bought a 667PBG4 but I will take two!

    Imagine it, Windows Laptops as far as I know don't go over 1ghz, a G5 Would kick its ass even more as the Powerbook G4 does and most probably the iBook500!

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    from what i understand we will probably see dualG4 powerbooks before g5 powerbooks. apparently there are some issues with getting the g5 into a notebook compounded with the fact that they just redid the g4 powerbook and would not want to take away from that. i have a sneaking suspicion that motorola and apple are giving us the ninja vanish when it comes to the g5 and that it is pretty much ready for production. thats judging on a few reads and a hunch.

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    Ensign Paris

    I can see where you are coming from...

    I think you might be right, there has never been any meation of the G5 from Apple, and Motorola have been talking about the G5 alot. Hmmmhmnm I wonder...

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    I hope your hunch is correct. I think I would break down and buy a g5 if they were available.

    Ensign Paris: Sad to say but Dell makes a 1.2 gig notebook called the M40 and the latitude c810 at 1.13 gig. They still are dell's though ;)
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    Ensign Paris


    A PBG4 would still kick its ass!

    My PBG4667 can beat a 1.4AMDAthalon by quite abit

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    Ensign Paris

    4 Flavors

    I was sent this my email from a friend in Calaforna.

    Not to sure how legit!!


    4 Different Versions:
    1 - 1000mhz
    2 - 1200mhz
    3 - 1400mhz
    4 - 1600mhz

    Maybe! I WISH!
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    Re: Doh!

    No argument here :D
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    Ensign Paris

    To True

    The Dual800 I use is wickedly fast, when it seems like it does things before you tell it to. I LIKE IT!!

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    Re: To True

    haha, I'm still stuck in the 90's with my Blue and White g3, but it seems to be rock solid. Best computer investment I've ever made.
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    heh i'll go ahead and say why i have a hunch. i was talking to my local apple rep and i was like "ya hopefully motorola will get their sh*t together because apple NEEDS to have a good GHz number just for PR purposes" and he just kinda jumped and gave a face. i thought he was agreeing with me but upon further prodding all he would say is "i know something you dont" thats probably the most ive ever gotten out of him so i think something bigbigbig might be coming...thats my hunch.
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    Ensign Paris

    AppleCentre Warrington

    AppleCentre Warrington will often tell you that something is coming and the date that it will be released but they wont tell you what!!!

    Cancom UK say its BIG! One reason I started this thread.

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    Ensign Paris


    I am almost certain to see G5s at SanFrancisco or maybe MacExpo London.

    I hope there is a release at MacExpo because I am there! ALSO, get people buying before Christmas? Huh!

    BTW What is Hyper-Transport, just fast Data Transfer across the motherboard?


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    hell yeah!

    I believe that by Mac World SF 2002, we should see Power Mac G5's running up to 1.6GHz. At many different sites I have read information on it, and that Apple has released 1000 prototypes in ATX cases to key developers.
    On two or three different sites, I have read about developers recieving G5's running at 2.0 or 2.4GHz... I wonder, after the new G5's are on the market, is it possible to buy a prototype? That would be really cool to have a mac prototype, if money was not an option.. :)

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    Ensign Paris


    It would be Super-Cool to have a Mac Prototype. I have an Apple I but a real prototype would be cool.

    I want Apple to beat the 2ghz barrier at London!

    I really hope they do and KILL the megahertz Myth and Intel with be Cr*ping there pants.

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    Ensign Paris

    Can anyone confirm?


    Does anybody have any real evidence that the protyple is out?

    What is an ATX case? Just a standerd PC case?

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    Re: Can anyone confirm?

    yes,its a standard pc case
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    g3 & g5?

    Yes, ATX is just the standard now for the PC beige cases out there.. there are AT cases, but most are the ATX.. they allow the software to control the power/sleep modes...


    What can Apple do if they are getting Moto to make the G5's while IBM is still working on the 1ghz G3??? How can Apple's marketting strategy to be to sell 1.6Ghz G5's along side the 4 4 year old.. will be 5 year old (from '97) G3 technology??? (750FX chip) Sure, IBM has totally blown us away getting this chip that fast.. and I am sure it is as faster than the G4's in non-Altivec.. but probably even near the 867 G4 speed IF IBM is telling us the truth in that the new 750 does the "ALTIVEC-LIKE" processing.

    I just can see Apple abandoning the G4... yet, cannot see them selling all three.. that is not smart. if we see the G3's selling in the iMac's at 1299 - 1799, and the G4's in the mid-product line.. starting at 1699 - 2499, that would make the G5's go for over $2000 for just the 1.0Ghz.. the 1.6 would put you around 3499.. but while that MIGHT work.. how could you justify getting the G3?? when the G5 is out!?

    I don't know.. maybe it will happen.. but it sure seems like that would leave Apple's consumers with too many options, and Apple has always been without the extraneous options .. 2 notebooks, and 2 desktops.. that's it.. 3 or 4 variations of each..

    any ideas? other than this post is WAY too long?

    i feel like jef h.. am i getting there yet jef? : )
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    Re: Wicked!

    2ghz?!?! Apple havent even beat the 1 ghz barrier..
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    re: 1 GHz

    ...1 GHz would be fine by me

    now tell me that is not fast enough for january?

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