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G4 iBook 14" - looking to sell soon, UK

Discussion in 'Marketplace Archive 1 (Posts count)' started by stevep, Sep 8, 2005.

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    G4 iBook 14", AE and BT, combo drive, 60Gb hdd. Bought in November 2004. Complete- all boxes, packaging, leads, Apple discs exactly as bought. No dead pixels, absolutely clean and straight. You can also have the neoprene Radtech sleeve and Radtech keyboard protector that I've used since new.
    I am selling so that I can upgrade to a Powerbook, and it would be nice to sell to someone within driving distance (of Sussex) to make delivery easy and safe, and maybe have the opportunity to transfer my files as well, but I could use CityLink or DHL or similar.
    Current Apple Store price for this model is £732. I don't think I'd want to sell for less than around £575.
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    Pic and screen shot


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    How much is that in $US?

    PM me, i'm interested
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    Is this the newest model or is it the one before the last update, also how old is it?? any warranty left??

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    Sorry not to reply sooner, work probs.

    UK£ 575 = 1 047.36 US$ (according to Google)

    I bought it just before Christmas, so its got a bit of warranty left - still time to take out an extended AppleCare should you want to.

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