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G4 iMac mini-vga to s-video/composite.

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by bagelche, Jan 2, 2008.

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    I work at a small public access TV station. We have a G4 iMac which I would like to connect the video output of into our switcher. It has a mini-vga port on the back. Would Apple's mini-vga to s-video/composite adapter work on this computer? Their item specs only list the G5 imac. Did the G4 iMac not support this output? I'd like to know that this will work before I plunk down for the adapter.

    thanks much.
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    Later on in the page it says...

    Compatible with:
    iBook without an external reset button, eMac, iMac G5, or 17-inch iMac (1GHz) with mini-VGA port.

    Is this the model iMac you have?
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    I saw that and since it didn't mention a processor, I wasn't fully clear. According to the wikipedia page on the G4 imac there was a 17"/1GHz machine as well as a 17"/1.25GHz model that was introduced later, but the Apple description you quote seems to suggests the newer model wouldn't qualify.

    I just powered up the iMac here and it is indeed a 1GHz processor; the screen is 17". I am assuming it will work.
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    That compatibility list is horrendous. For instance, 12" Powerbook G4's with 867Mhz processors (Pre-Sept. 2003) have a mini-vga port. I've used this cable on one without any problems, but its not on the list :) I suspect anything with a mini-vga port can make use of this cable.
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    Terrific! Thanks for your (speedy and helpful) input.

    Now, if I only had a spare Time Based Corrector laying around....

    Merry New Year!

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