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G4 Mini as Media Player

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by axu539, Feb 10, 2011.

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    We have an old G4 Mac Mini. Will it be able to handle playing media on an HDTV?
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    It should be okay as long as you are not planning to play HD video (ie 720p). Regular video's like youtube and such should be alright on your HDTV. HD TV will lag and not be worth attempting (even my 2009 Mini isn't perfect at 1080p).
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    tom vilsack

    using my mac mini 1.25,1 gig ram,new 160 gig hd,tiger osx

    -ive hooked up to my tv via it vga and patch male/male sound out

    -dvd player works great
    -mactubes for utube and use option download mp4 and play via quicktime (forget 720p using quicktime-its like watching slide show...720p was bit better using vlc player 0.9.10 but still basically useless) stick with mp4's
    -utube or tv via watchonlinee.com ect no way full screen and 240p at best
    -google for last itunes 9.2.1 (5) for ppc

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