G4 mini vs 1.8 Intel

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by dont24, Jun 28, 2007.

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    Currently have a 1.42 G4 mini. I've been very happy with it. Kids need a Mac, so it's time to give them the mini and get something new. I've looked at all the benchmarks, but I'm looking for some "real" experiences. Are the Intel minis much faster at encoding and rendering? My mini shows it's slowness when it comes time to encode and burn iMovie projects. I usually start the process and let it run overnight. Are the current minis much faster? That's probably the most intensive thing I run now. Maybe an iMac will do. Certainly don't need a Mac Pro.
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    I have a 2GHz MacBook which is not far off the current mini. It renders a movie in slightly less than real time. A 2hr movie takes about 2.5hrs. I can do other things on the machine at the same time like surf. If you don't have a spare screen, I would wait for the new iMacs. A top spec mini with screen and kbd/mouse probably won't be much cheaper than the new 20" iMac.
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    Kids are currently using a very old PC, so I have a spare monitor. Would need to get a usb keyboard and mouse.
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    I think you can get adapters from PS/2 style to USB for about $20.

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