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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by chocolate632, Feb 16, 2008.

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    Hey guys. My dad is thinking about buying a Macintosh. He needs a notebook but he doesn't want the white/black macbook. He likes the macbook pro, but its too expensive and he thinks the MBA doesn't have good enough specs for him(and is too expensive). I was thinking about getting a powerbook for him off of ebay for around $500-1000. Do you think its worth it? How long will it last if he buys it?
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    Well I'll tell you one thing, if he or you think the G4s overpower the Macbook airs, think again. But if you were relating price to performance, than you have a point that the macbook air isn't such a deal.

    I would maybe go for a macbook pro off ebay, an older generation possibly, that can cost alot less than the current ones from apple directly.
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    Try to get a Mac with an Intel inside.
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    Meh, if he wants a G4 Powerbook let him get one. A nice 1.67GHz one with 1GB of RAM or so should set you back $800ish if you're lucky. And, to this Dad, welcome to the Mac world. :)
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    He just told me now that he is probably going to wait until he can afford it and go with a macbook pro
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    That's good. You be a good boy and don't spend too much of daddy's money.
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    Is he wiling to get a refurb from Apple?
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    mabey ill have to ask

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