G4 PowerBook left on for four years... all good.

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by nevinp, Jun 16, 2007.

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    I just replaced my 1.33GHz 17" G4 Powerbook with a brand new 17" HD SR MBP. Previously, the G4 PowerBook was left on continuously at my work for four years straight. I was running a mail server and web server on the G4 so it had to remain on, albeit with the screen saver running.

    The battery now reports that it has 75% of the original charge capacity using Coconut Battery. Not bad for four years continuous use with next to no battery "maintainence".

    The only thing I noticed is that the screen is slightly less bright than my new MBP, even on full brightness. Given that it has been running the RSS screensaver for the better part of that four years I think this is pretty good going.

    For all those people worried that their non-LED MBP may not get as much life as the LED models, please keep my experience in mind. If your new 17" MBP is still completely working in four years I think you would be very happy. Most of you guys seem to get a new mac every year or so anyway.

    My old G4 PowerBook is now being shipped to my dad as it will serve him very well for many more years to come.
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    man, i wish you took a screenshot of the uptime!
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    mad jew

    Not even a quick restart for system updates? Nice work. :cool:
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    He never said he didn't reboot/restart it, he just said it was left on continuously.
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    mad jew

    That's why it was a question. ;)
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    The laptop was used for email and browsing the web every day I was at work. It got rebooted just as often as any other mac does. The significant fact was that the screen was working, non stop, for the entire duration.

    I am just amazed at all the people saying that they must have a LED display because they don't want their screen fading overnight. If anyone got more than 4 years continuous use out of a laptop I would be surprised. That isn't 4 years of ownership, that is 4 years of allways on... showing the nifty RSS screen saver or something else. That must equate to 8 years or more of "normal" use and no major problem with screen brightness.

    Graphic artists may have a different take on this but my point is that for MOST people screen fade shouldn't be an issue.
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    You're quite right about the screen fade, my PB G4 1GHz has not lost any measurable amount of it's original brightness over the 4 years that I've had it. Now admittedly I haven't had it on 'continuously' but a lot of my uptimes had time measurements stretching into the several months category.

    As far as the tangible benefits of LED over CCFL backlights goes, the lowest is the life span. I think as far as laptop owners are concerned the first major benefit is the longer battery life, followed by a slightly more even light and then there is the environmental factor in about third place, with life span coming in last place.

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    Happy with my old screens, rather have what i had then a yellow tint, that would drive me nuts....and batt. life, as we see its not all that :(
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    Continuously means not being restarted or anything.:rolleyes:

    Either way, I see your point... even after a restart its remained on till it was needed to be restarted again.
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    No... left on as in "powered on" continuously. Restarting it hardly breaks that. If he said it had an uninterrupted uptime then that would have been different.
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    I'm not surprised to hear it. My G4 mini only goes off during thunderstorms (surge protector) and if I'm leaving town for a few days. I have an uncle whose G5 remains on constanty as well, without a single crash or freeze between us. I think alot of it is the hardware, but it helps to have OS X! Macs are bad a**.:cool:

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