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G4 Powerbook Memory

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by kerpow, Aug 19, 2008.

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    I have a 12" PB (see sig) and wondered whether it is possible to put a 2GB RAM stick in it. The hardware guides say the max RAM for this model is 1280MB but this was when 2GB sticks weren't available for laptops. Is it possible to a) find a 2GB stick that meets the laptops requirements b) will OS X be able to use it.

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    no its not possible the 256mb stick is built in and the maximum that the 2nd ram slot can take is 1Gb - if you try and put a larger size in it will either run the stick at 1gb or not work at all.
    2Gb sticks were out when the laptop was made. due to cost (at the time) apple decided to stick with a maximum memory of 1.25gb (i wish they let you remove the 256mb stick so you could have 2 gb in though!)
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    Nope, sorry. 1gb + the 256mb non removable is your lot.
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    Oh well, thanks anway.
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    Actually it had nothing to do with Apple's decision... it would have to do with the Motorolla memory controller not being able to address sticks of 2 GB density.
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    so apple didnt decide to include the motorolla memory controller that couldnt address 2gb?

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