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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Firefox35, Jan 27, 2005.

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    Hi yesterday i purchased a new G4 15" Powerbook, I'm loving it so except for when the fan kicks in, its a lot louder than i expected it would be, it doesnt make a normal fan whooshing noise, i can actually hear the bearings on the fan as it spins, is this normal.?

    The noise seems to be coming from the top left hand side of the keyboard.

    I dont want to take it back if i am going to get one thats the same as this one is free from dead pixels and knowing my luck the replacement wouldnt be.

    Thanks for any advice.
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    take it to an applestore near you? tell them to just fix it ;) no new machine..

    my powerbooks fans rarely come on (i run it in reduced mode 99% of the time just to keep the battery life up and to reduce heat) and when they do i can barely hear them.. however my combo drive is loud as hell :p

    just take it to the nearest applestore and have them do a fix it on the bugger.. let the fan run for awhile and see if it's just a weird thing as well... throw a power intensive app up and let her go for a bit and see if it goes away or gets quieter... err without the heat going throught he roof at the same time ;)
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    Sounds a bit odd.I'd sent it back,the fan on mine rarely kicks in and it gets a lot of heavy use.
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    James Craner

    I agree with Logik, my powerbook fans almost never come on, and even when they do, I hardly hear them, I suggest you get it exchanged.
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    the problem he's worried about with an exchange is that the screen might have dead pixels and the one he has now doesn't... so he want so to keep the good screen but get the fans fixed.. easiest thing i know to do is take it to a apple certified fixerupper.. like an apple store and see if they can just replace the busted fan

    EDIT: is it possible to call applecare and see if you can also send it in (if you're too far from an apple store) but ask them to just fix the fan and not give him a new machine? seems possible as they'd probably wanna minimize the amount of machines that have to be scrapped or sell as refurbs.
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    Hi guys thanks for the replys, I'm based in the UK so dont have a clue where the nearest apple store is or even if there is one, The fan has only kicked in once the other times i have run stress tests to see if it got any better, its not overly loud its making a bearing noise which annoys me.

    Anyone else got a similar problem.?
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    Dead pixels are always a possibility, but they are far less common than people think, in my experience. I would exchange it.

    And yeah, I've never really heard my fan(s), I even asked the Geniuses if my computer had fans. :)
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    Regent street in london...


    also... call apple and see if you can send it in and just have the fan fixed.. if you just got the powerbook you have free phone support for 90 days or something like that.. use it. they can answer these questions for you pretty easily i'm sure, as they are the only ones who will totally know the answers.
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    Well, I think I've only heard my fans 5 times out of the number of weeks I've had my PowerBook. They come on, sure, but they are often quiet.
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    James Craner

    Sorry you are right I did not read his post properly, that having being said, if it is not right I would still return it, the chance of a dead/stuck pixel is not that great, but I understand his concern.

    I buy from John Lewis as they offer a free extra year's warranty and a no quibble 28 day exchange policy.

    I suggest if he can return it and get his money back and buy from John Lewis if he has one near him. This of course assuming John Lewis actually have some stock...

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