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G4 rack mount kit???

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Chisholm, Jan 16, 2003.

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    Help! I'm spec-ing out an Apple G4 server for work. I need to find a place that sells the rack mount kit for it. I've found the kit a few times before, just can't find it now...It's the kit where you remove all 4 top and bottom handles and screw the rack to it somehow or another.

    Cheers thanks!
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    Thanks! Damn that was faster than calling our account rep at macwarehouse!
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    That's because we're just damn good.
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    OK, I have to ask. Why not use an XServe if you need to rack mount your server?
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    Marathon makes good rackmounts and all, but they're damn expensive. Even the little ears that replace the top/bottom plastic handles on the pm. I wish there was an alternative. I would have racked my PM a long time ago if there was one. I would have stuck it in my music studio rack and saved some space.
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    That my friend is a perfectly logical question.

    1. I don't want to pay anyone, even Apple $315 for a 60GB drive or $450 for a 120GB drive.

    2. They don't offer the option (that I'm aware of) of buying extra drive trays.

    3. I've heard they are QUITE loud. My mirror mac is humming to me now, any louder and I'd have to put it on the floor. This machine will be number 9 in my office. The radio I keep on can only drown out so many screaming hard drives.

    4. The cost. I can get a dual 1gig for $700 cheaper than the single 1gig Xserve.

    And yes Marathon racks are a little pricey, but they seem to have the corner on the market for the time being. Seems anyone with a little metal working skill could make a similar set of ears for ~$50 or so.

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    I didn't realize apple didn't include trays for additional drives. Also you'll be spending 200 to 600 on the rackmount solutions from Marathon. So if you do the full conversion then you'll only save 100 instead of the 700. However, I agree, the noise would be terrible. Too bad you can't keep the machines in another room or a sound dampening cabinet.
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    Not any use in a full conversion here. I'm just going to buy the rack kit and the rail bundle for $300. And did I mention I'm getting the SuperDuperDrive? Xserve doesn't give it as an option. My users don't have huge files to store on the server, mostly Office type stuff and email. I love being able to make permanant optical backups and store them in a drawer next to me.
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    At least this route you can throw in a scsi or ide card if you need more drive speed or space etc. SuperDuperDrice---->NICE!

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