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G4 Sawtooth installing 10.5 on SATA HDD?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by fletch33, Oct 16, 2009.

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    i have an old G4 Sawtooth 400MHz that has been upgrade to a 1.6GHz processor and SATA HDD's and some other stuff.

    my question is that i have had an error on the 750GB SATA drive that i have been using to run 10.5 for the past many years and it caused me to have to reformat it :(

    i have forgotten how i was able to get 10.5 installed on that SATA drive and remember it was tricky because although the G4 will see the drive and format it etc... when i am running 10.5 on it from an IDE drive it will not see the SATA drive as an option to install Leopard on. so running 10.5 from IDE then disk utility will see it, format it, etc... however running disk utility from the install disk it does not recognize? you can actually feel the SATA drive spinning when you boot into the Leopard disk and then stop spinning just as the install GUI appears.

    when i had this SATA drive running before the recent problem i had it partitioned with 100GB that 10.5 was on and the remaining 650GB as a drive labeled "Storage". i thought i did that for time machine back up or something but since i am reformatting i decided i would rather have it as one whole drive.

    is the G4 limited to what size HDD it can install to and therefore preventing the install disk from seeing it as an option? maybe i partitioned that way originally because of this and just forgot.

    anyone have an answer to that?

    i also wanted to mention that i tried "Superduper" from the working IDE to the SATA thinking that would do the trick but it did not work :(

    thanks for any help
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    problem solved. i used superduper again and this time it worked. i could not find any other way around this if anyone else runs into it.

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