G4 Tower Shut Down problems

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by lewdvig, Nov 2, 2003.

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    I can not put my Mac to sleep or shut it down - it always wakes or restarts.

    It seems to be related to my monitor, an 18" LCD using VGA connection with the Apple VGA to DVI adapter.

    I can not start my Mac withour the monitor being physically disconnected.

    Anyone ever hear of such a problem?
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    I had similar issues with my PC not turning off, but that was related to a fauty PCI card, it's good that you've isolated the problem. If the screen or computer is under warrenty you shouldn't have any problems getting a repalacement, if not however a new screen or graphics card may be on the cards.

    happy hunting;)

    I was unaware that the P4 was avaliable in a 3.36GHz, I thought 3.2GHz was the current max, unless of course you've overclocked it? Just wondering.
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    I overclock everything!

    Mine is a 2.4C running 275*4 FSB. It could do more but I like my machines quiet.
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    It was the Atec Monitor. Nice cheap 18" (made by LG) but it does not support the Mac. Strange.

    I think its sending a signal through the VGA cable that causes the Mac to wake or restart.
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    Re: G4 Tower Shut Down problems

    It's probably the analog/digital convertion error. I had similar problem on my G5 with older Compaq monitor, when G5 boots up but monitor doesnt turn on. Or won't shutdown properly.
    Once I got myself a brand new Apple flat panel LCD, havent seen this kinda problem after. I'd suggest selling your monitor (which i assume is Sony) and getting DVI or Apple monitor.

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