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G4Powerbook or G4iBook?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by goodwolve, Apr 4, 2007.

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    After weeks of trying to decide if I wanted a new MacBook I have decided that instead I will buy an older Mac. BUT which one? I am an illustrator and need some speed and graphics capabilty, but I don't play games or anything. I am looking at either a G4 Powerbook or a G4 iBook... both are over 1ghz. What do you all suggest?
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    Either one is fine.The PowerBook will last you longer though.
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    Really? Why?
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    Think of the PowerBook and iBook as the MacBook Pro and MacBook of the past, respectively.
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    It it easily upgradeable as far as RAM and the HD go, and you can get more RAM in the PowerBook.
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    It depends on which model of each you are looking at. If it is the last revision of each, then the PB has better hardware specs.

    It'll be interesting to see how many people try convince you still to go with a MacBook though. My advice, if you have made up your mind is to ignore them.

    Do you have any specifics of the two models you are looking at, so we can give you a better comparison.
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    you have to remember that the powerbook and ibook lineup was stuck on the g4 platform for much longer than anybody, even apple, wanted. everybody was clamoring for a g5 laptop, but apple couldn't deliver. this is one of the reasons why the performance gap between the macbook/macbook pro and the powerbook/ibook is so vast. if i were you, i'd think long and hard about your decision and ask you to reconsider.
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    I knew it. Do you have any indication of what the OP actually needs this machine for. There still many advantages to the PPC G4 PB's/MB's. Don't even get me started on how Office 2004 runs on my C2D iMac compared to my G4 PB. And not everyone can afford the upgrade to UB when it comes out.

    Don't get your pants in such a twist, the OP has obviously done his research and decided that the PPC is the best way to go for their needs.

    I own both Intel & PPC Macs, and can fully understand why the OP might opt for the latter.
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    Another vote for the powerbook. Assuming you are looking at the same revision of each.

    The powerbook uses faster RAM and can hold more ram. It will use a faster processor though usually the difference is not that great. Since you are doing illustrator work you would have a larger higher resolution screen. The powerbook also comes standard with a larger higher RPM hard drive that will give you more storage, decrease software load times, and increase read/write performance.
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    Thank you! I am a graphic designer and mostly use illustrator and dreamweaver... a little photoshop, but nothing too out of this world!

    I really don't want to by the newest machine because I have found that unless you can afford the very best that apple offers (that would be the mbp, i guess). You are really getting a less then great machine. I guess I am always wishing for the better one!

    So, I am now going to focus my attention on a Powerbook!

    Again, thank you!

    G3 Tower running 0S9!
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    Hm, to me, that might actually make a difference as to which machine would suit you better... What version of the software would you be running? CS2? CS3?

    I really disagree. I started off w/ a 12" PB which many might consider better than an iBook, but I consciously chose to "downgrade" to the iBook and it suited my needs much more and I liked it as a machine more (better wifi reception, ran cooler, much much better battery life, etc.). That said, I have since sold the iBook and am typing on a MacBook and I would never go back to a G4 laptop. Especially not to run the Adobe apps. PS ran quite slowly on my 1.33GHz PowerBook and it runs better on my iMac G5... and my MB blows the iMac away on everything else, so I can only imagine that if I ran PS on my MB, it would be amazing.

    I'd save up and get a refurbished MB. It is not a "lesser" machine at all.
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    To say that CS2 (an 'Adobe app'), runs better on your MB than a 1.33Ghz G4 is utter bollocks. Unless the OP plans on upgrading his apps to UB, the G4 WILL perform better.

    It couldn't be simpler.
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    I still have my iBook and I am very happy with it. While I would like a new MacBook it's hard to justify spending a bunch of money for a new computer when the current one works fine. The iBook fills my needs, but if you are going to be doing anything with graphic type things I would recommend the powerbook, just because of the slightly better one. I think you would be happy with either one though.

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