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G5 1.8GHz or 2.0 GHz???

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by iBert, Jul 19, 2004.

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    Hi all, I have this post in the Doom 3 thread. But would like more opinions on the matter. I'm looking forward on getting a G5. The question is 1.8 or 2.0? I'm a CS grad student, and I just turned to the Mac and can't seem to get enough. Will be using it to do some developing as well as video editing (with iMovie) and don't know what else. I'm still waiting for a response on a job offer. So for now cash is a bit short and still if I get the job I'd like to save some $$$. I know their is going to be some difference between both systems. One thing I keep in mind is that I might do some gaming, so I'd like something that is able to run Warcraft (or Blizzard games) and UT. Maybe some others but hope fully not. What do you guys think? should I spend the extra $300 or $400 or save them? Thanks for your help!

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    Duff-Man says...I have not read the other thread so if I am repeating anything someone has said already, pleaase forgive. Of course we all like to get the best we can for the least $$, so what might be of some help is knowing what your "total budget" for this purchase is, and a few other things like, do you have a monitor already that you'll be using or do you want to buy a new one? You are new to the Mac world - so do you need to buy some additional software to get all the functionality you need. A bit more ram is almost definitely something you'll want to buy too. So I guess what I am saying is - give us all the money you can spend, and we'll spend it for you! :D ....oh yeah!
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    If you can find an old DP1.8G5, get it.

    But the choice of the new DP1.8 vs DP 2.0 is 4 DIMM slots (2 more memory upgrades) and PCI (the new DP1.8 now has true PCI shared with all the I/O (except AGP/memory), not a downclocked HT PCI-X controller (since the new DP1.8 no longer has one) like the SP1.6)
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    a million $$$$$ :eek:

    I wish!!! Looking to spend at most $2600, with the student discount. I have a Monitor, a new one would be nice but that will be for later. hopefully 1 or 2 years. I'm looking to buy this G5 and have it for 4 or 5 years. I think I won't be a huge power user.

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    The new DP1.8 has 2 banks of 128-bit memory...

    The new DP2.0 has 4 banks of 128-bit memory (aka, two 64-bit DIMMs)...

    The video card you might change within 4 years...

    And you should still be able to get a PCI upgrade card for whatever spiffy new I/O somebody has planned.
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    Get the old dual 1.8

    Get the older PowerMac dual 1.8 if you can find one (much better features). I got a new one for only $2049.00 at the Apple store. The old one is much better.
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    how good are refurbished outside apple?

    Found a web site with a great price on the old 1.8 Ghz. Does anyone know the manufacturer number? Just want to make sure is the same. The most important question, how reliable are this refurbished products and specially outside Apple? I know a new G5 is more expensive but if it won't give me much problems I think the difference will be worth it. Also, with this refurbished, can one get the APP? One thing that will bother me will be the warranty, I think the warranty will be with the seller I presume. Any help on this will be appreciated.

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    why do you think the old 1.8 's better than the new ones?

    why do you think the old 1.8 's better than the new ones???

    just curious..cuz that's what i have.
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    hardware difference

    From what I've been able to gather, Rev A has more HD space and RAM and PCI-X slot. Rev B doesn't have this.

    The specs I found are.

    Rev A 160GB HD, 512 RAM, holds Memory up to 8GB to it has 8 slots.
    Rev B 80GB HD, 256 RAM, holds Memory up to 4GB and has 4 slots.

    This is what i've been able, if I miss something else or some of the info sorry. Has been a short night.
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    How can i be sure?

    Just looked at Apple refurbished products this morning. How can I find what rev is the system? Will they tell me if I call?
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    Well, if it has a 160GB hd and 512 memory than there is over a 99.9% chance it is an old one, esp. considering that the new ones came out only 2 months ago or so.
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    app for used machine

    I'm not sure how this works and i've been meaning to ask my dad by when he bought our iMac, he got it used of eBay, and I think he had the applecare transfered to us. So find out if the person you are buying it from had applecare. Does the "one year to purchase app" apply to computers as well as iPods?
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    Yes. One year from original purchase date.
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    The old 1.8's are essentially the same as the old and new 2.0s, minus a very small performance factor (I bought my 2.0 last Spetember; had I waited, I'd've gotten the dual 1.8, which wasn't available initially).

    As others have said, the 'old' one is better than the new one because of a better motherboard, more HD space by default, more RAM slots, etc.

    The 'new' one is essentially the 'old' 1.6 with two 1.8 processors. It's not like they made the 1.8 worse. The 'old' 1.8 has morphed into the 'new' 2.0. The 'new' 1.8 is really an upgraded version of the 'old' 1.6.
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    one question about the OS?

    The one at apple store online says it comes with OS 10.2.7
    But also on the specs of the system says something about "Panther" update cd if required. Should I assume that this system will come with Jaguar and not Panther? If this is the case, will there be any problem using my Panther disc from my 12" powerbook to upgrade?
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    Duff-Man says...this comes up all the time. OS X is a *single computer* license - using your PB disk on the desktop is a violation of the agreement....oh yeah!
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    Oh well!

    Just wanted to be sure I could still get Panther on that G5. I'll still probably get it. Hope fully it still available. And should upgrade once Tiger hit the market. Will there be any problems upgrading from Jaguar to Tiger? If this G5 doesn't has Panther.
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    The G5's that shipped with Jaguar all came with the option to order Panther upgrade CDs for $20. Apple should provide this deal to you as well. It's worth asking about. And you can upgrade from Jaguar to Tiger, if you need to do so.
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    New update

    When I decided to get the !.8 Rev A this morning they were gone :confused: But now after looking all day, found a nice deal on a M9032LL/A, is this the first revision of the G5 2.0GHz? If so, I'm waiting to hear from the seller why so cheap. Will tell you the price if the deal is to mi liking.
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    Get a refurb, whichever G5 you decide on, and don't get more than 512mb of Apple ram (go to crucial.com for more). I own a G5 1.6, DP 1.8, and a new dual 2.5 (got mine somewhat early), all doing network rendering on Maya. The DP 1.8 was a $1799 refurb, and presented no problems whatsoever. The refurbs are not post-consumer, and mine had not so much as a scratch. With it you will be a power user whether you like it or not, and only rendering would leave you wanting. The dual 2.5 would too, for that matter, since you can never have enough speed for that (projects just get higher res or more intricate to consume all available resources). But from your posts it seems rendering won't be your thing.
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    whatever anyone dose always get at least a 9600 the 5200 ultra is a piece of crap and should be avoided like the plague.
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    Running War3 @ 1280x1024, high detail, high partical, 6x FSAA, 8x AF, FPS rarely drops below 50-60 (keep in mind this is on a Rad9800 SE)

    I haven't ran the timedemo for UT2K4 since I got my new card, but it runs much better, WITH 2x FSAA @ 1280x1024 with full detail... best estimate 40-50 FPS avg.

    Keep in mind this is on a SINGLE proc 1.8 G5, and games like UT2K4 offload sound onto the second processor in the dual machines, so your FPS rates would be much higher than that I'd suspect.
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    almost getting it

    hey all. this has been down for a while until a few days ago. thanks to everyone for giving me their input. I've decided to go with a refurb G5 from apple. I have been looking online, but it seems a little impossible to find video cards for the mac. I'm looking to upgrade the video card. That is one issue I will resolve in about 6 months or so. So, I'd like to know. Where can I find video cards for the G5. Guys thanks for all the help. I may upgrade to the 6800, but I'm undecided about that. Again, I won't be doing too much gaming. at most RPG, but I'll leave gaming for my gamecube. Will be doing some movies, but will only use iMovies for that. Maybe doing some OpenGL and Photoshop, but this will be very light. On a side note, I want to switch all the way so bad. That I can't believe I haven't done the stupid thing of buying a G5 without the money. Don't know how much time I'll contain myself. :eek: :confused: :D
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    If you're not going to game, and just do video editing... there's absolutely no point in getting the 6800... at best get the 9600 XT or a 9800 XT if you really need it.
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    Which card are you replacing? The ATI Radeon 9800 Pro Mac Special Edition runs over $300 (at least $325 or so, usually closer to $400). You could probably pick up a 9600 Pro or 9800 Pro from this forum or eBay once the 6800's come out (people are going to start dumping their old card).

    FWIW, the 9600 Pro that came with my G5 is still a fine card.

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