G5 2.5+6800 - Can You Boot from CD

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by iriejedi, Dec 17, 2004.

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    I'm just curious - my G5 is a DP2.5 with the 6800 Ultra card - had a recent scare but a firewire drive and disk first aid saved me (apple store).... but even after fix, my G5 WILL NOT boot from a bootable CD. Kernal Panic - sometime dark restart screen sometime text sometime both. While day to day it runs great it really puts me in a bind if I need the boot from CD option. And of course to put an OS on the exturnal drive I bought - I have to boot from the OS X.3 cd... Can't do it....

    Apple care says it is a logic board problem and I should get it fixed - but before I do that I wanted to hear from anyone that claims that can boot their computers from an OS bootable CD - either APple Care Tech Tool CD or the OS X.3 cd that came with it... the system check CD works but that has no OS per se.

    Better to find out now then later.

    Thanks for the input.

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    just incredible.. i am losing it with Applecare

    have they no clue?

    Your G5 most likely came with a different vid. card (if not then perhaps I am wrong). The AHT test CD / DVD OS install version does not have the appropriate drivers for the 6800 card. This is a KNOWN bug, for anyone who has tried to add the 6800 card to their G5.

    Why on Earth Apple does not know this, is way beyond me... they refused to help me with my G5 and 6800 so I promptly shipped the $600 card back. Not sure how much more of their 'customer service' I can stand.
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    So, it looks like your best option would be to buy a really cheap AGP card ( seriously the wimpiest one can find), and just toss that in there whenever you need to boot from CD. That's the only thing I can come up with right now...
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    Excellent - Thank you

    Cool - I was reluctant to give them my box for a week.

    I'll call again in a month at least I do not have far to go to get a Apple Store Eployee to plug in their Hard Drive - 5 miles faster than two weeks

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    I remember reading about the problem with the 6800 not being able to boot from a cd, dvd, or anything other then a drive with OS X 10.3.5 or later. I saw an article to overcome this problem somewhere. I found a site where a guy made a cd that would boot his PowerMac from a cd and not have a problem with the video card because the drivers were on the cd. That article can be found here. This should save you the trouble of having to change out video cards if ever you had to boot from a cd.

    Hope this all helps.
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    Gotta Love Apple

    Yes that is the understanding with the 'Product Specialist' - who will not send me the update CD???? But Apple Store will install it for me on my External Hard Drive just need to prove I own the 10.3.4 CD!

    So Problem solved - I'm calling to talk to a manager and complain louder

    Just because I am bored!

    I'll also check out the site in the mean time.

    Thank you!



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