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g5 air freshen-er?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by holy MAC!, Jun 25, 2003.

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    i just thought of this, tell me what you guys think:

    since the g5 sucks in air from the front and blows it through the back.......

    why couldn't you put a filter.... or scent paper..... inside

    i could definitely see it:

    * not only does the new powermac G5 run twice as quiet as the G4, it also freshens the air you breath.....

    i swear... that along with the OLED screens will spare your eyes and ears and nose.

    hehe, just a thought

    PS- in the summer time, it can heat incense and kill off all those annoying flys.

    HECK, install a water cooling system and you got yourself a G5 humidifier.....
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    Perfect idea you got!

    When i get mine, ill try to put a freshner! ill tell you what the end results where. :D
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    lolol, yeah, i would definitely be interested as how useful it is.......

    also, you might want to put a professional bio air filter (they make ones that won't even let bacteria through)

    that way, no dust.......
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    Sorry to poop on your parade, but "air fresheners" work by adding esters and water to the air (a complex hydro-carbon and our favourite solvent), they actually don't "freshen" the air, they make the air smellier than before - (just a more tolerable smell than before) - these esters (+ moisture) could form a build-up on the heat sinks, react with hot components or cause corrosion, will reduce the bearing life of the fans, and could generally reduce the operational life of your G5.

    In practice it is a good idea to keep your computer in a dry, cool, dust-free environment.

    Admittably the insides would have that "new car" smell. :D

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    yeah i have to ruin the fun before someone actually tries this... with the highly sophisticated cooling system, putting things inside (especially to draw air through) would screw things up and probably lead to unacceptable levels of heat buildup...

    i know you're kidding but there are some not-so-bright people out there :)

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    Check it man, you just put it on the back, near the Fans exit! And there you go!! :D
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    well..... that bursts my bubble......

    but is there anything wrong with that filter idea?????

    that doesn't affect airflow.... and it also doesn't affect moisture or anything.....

    but im sure they make scented paper or something that doesn't harm machines.....
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    Well if you do experiment, let us know the results. I just think a lot of thought went into the G5 airflow - so it must be critical to the operation of the G5. Obstructing that airflow (even with something like a filter) might have some negative side-effects - like jets of blue flame, and plumes of black smoke belching from the back. heh heh heh... just kidding... but it could end up making your room smell like a wet dog if those giant heatsinks get really hot and they are surrounded by "new car" smell particles. Honestly the worst would probably just make the fans work harder - noisier - and shorten their operational life. I think it would be more effective to stick one of those paper-smelly pine trees on your monitor. :)

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    You could circulate water from your hot water tank to the PowerMac through some pipe. That way, the PowerMac would heat up your hot water instead of the hot water tank. We have a ground source heat pump that does the same thing. In the summer time all the "heat" from our house gets pulled from the system to heat water that circulates from the hot water tank. Hot water is a free by-product of cooling the house.
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    Huh - well if you manage this, I'd love to see a picture.
    (help - stop this thread, I want to get off!) :p
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    interesting idea but maybe you should figure out a way to make it insanely expensive too
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    I knew a guy who turned the back end of his iMac brown by chain-smoking while he worked. All the tar went through the air intakes and eventually stained the casing.

    While the thought of a Glade plug-in air freshener for your G5 is pretty funny, it raises a good question: is there any sort of baffle in the case to prevent dust, cat fur, airborne insects, Cocoa Krispies (I'm thinking of people with young children... or just you messy types) &c. from getting lodged in the inner workings? If I'd just dropped $4k on a new G5, I might be tempted to run out to Pep Boys and get an air filter to slap on the front, for safety's sake.
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    When I get my G5 I plan on making some sort of removable filter element to trap dust before it gets inside. It wouldn't be hard to make a little frame that would holda foam filter on the inside of the front of the case. www.Mcmaster.com sells all types of dust filters one could use. Personally, I think this should have been included. This machine if gonna be a dust magnet.

    Incidentally I think the case will look great when someone puts some lights inside of it. And I plan to mount a zip drive to the bottom front panel when I get one. The good thing about metal is it's easier to modify than plastic.
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    wow, im getting some great feedback to my idea.....

    yeah, i do think that apple should put a filter into the intake and outtake......

    i mean, it would not really decrease the airflow, but it insures that no dust particles meets the g5........

    some one should sell replacement side doors with a window and buildin cathodyne lights.......... also, put some form of small flag (like a wind tail) so youcan see the path of the wind through your g5 (they would have to be small as not to interfere with the electronics).......

    what macs need is an online store that sells all the best ways of CUSTOMIZING you mac......

    i am SOOO sick of windoZe people telling me: "Pcs are better because i can customize it with a window and lights"....

    all i say is :" you actually WANT people to see the messy insides of a PC??????"
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