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G5 and Electrical Bill

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by mannyrm, Jun 6, 2010.

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    I've been reading that the PPC G5's are energy hogs, Is this really true?
    Has anyone noted a spike (or hike) in their electrical bill :apple:
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    BTW, that's about 30c per day idling 24 hours (assuming about 10c/kwh).
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    About $9.00 per month.

    I dont see the why people are claiming that these units are not energy efficient. :confused:
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    I guess if you are paying $3-400 on the machine you would assume that spending another $100/yr to keep it running could be excessive to some. If your needs are met be a mini, you could cut that power bill by 80% saving quite a bit.
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    I didnt know that. Maybe I'll sell my G5 and go with the mini later on. Thanks.
    BTW. Your avatar!!!! LOL
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    Stops me from becoming vain. :D
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    Herbert is one of my favorites from family guy!:D
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    it is because it has a 600w psu everyone assumes it always draws that amount of power
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    the amount of energy used depends much on how much you use your g5
    the 600 watt only means there are 600 watt available if needed

    think of it as of a car , only because you got 1000bhp in your bugatti veyron
    it doesn't mean you got them all the time , it only means you get them if you accelerate fully , but it doesn't mean you could not drive it economically

    so if you dont use full processing power all the time and full graphics power and have loads of firewire powered and usb powerd stuff hanging onto it it wont drain much more energy then a mini
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    No. It draws 120W on idle vs the minis 13W. Even if it does nothing at all 24/7 it still draws over $80 more per year of electricity.
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    yeah just what i said, i had a hard time convincing my dad that using my g5 encoding video as a space heater in the winter wasn't drawing 600w of power
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    As an amusing aside, the Veyron driven "economically" gets about 8mpg, or 3.2mpg at wide-open-throttle. You couldn't have chosen a better comparison really. 130W at idle is ravenous consumption.

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