G5 and heat...odd?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by letterbox, Jul 1, 2004.

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    I'll start off by stating that this isn't so much of a problem as something that I am confused by.

    My Dual 1.8 G5 in it's stock configuration first ranat around 87ish degrees on the MLB MAX6690 AMB, whatever that is, while sitting under my desk. I then moved it to the top of my desk where it immidiatly started running at 93 degrees. I just added an extra gig of RAM, and it is still on top of my desk but it runs at 84 degrees...

    My question is...why would adding an extra gig of ram cause the temperature at a certain location to INSTANTLY drop by 9 degrees? Just curious. The drive bay still runs at around 84 which is in the middle range of where it has been running so I doesn't imply anything about not reading/writing from the hard drive b/c of more RAM...confuzzled.

    Thanks for any thoughts.


    Oh, and one more thing... ;)

    The fans are loudish. Not that I didn't expect it, and I'm not complaining, just it is noticably loudish, probably b/c I'm coming from an iBook . :eek:
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    I'm no expert on this kind of stuff, BUT, maybe i can help...
    When I got my dual 2ghz in april, from the moment it booted up, the fans were ALL running full blast. With my G5, I spent only a few minutes wondering if it was appropriate that my computer was louder than my furnace...almost immediately I knew something was up. Turns out I had a faulty temperature sensor and it needed to be replaced. I'm thinking you might have a sensor that's just mildly haywire....not so bad as mine, but maybe just a little off? I dunno. How are you monitoring your temperature? That could be another issue....inaccurate software? To tell you the truth, i have no idea really. Since it doesn't seem to be affecting any performance, I wouldn't loose sleep over it. If yours isn't comparable to a 747 taking off, be at ease. Now that mine's fixed, i think it's pretty quiet actually. Oh well.....good luck!
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    More ram = less time your harddrive has to work, resulting in less power consumption, resulting in less heat, both by your harddisk and powersupply. Also the sensorsthing mentioned above could be it. Heard a lot of complaints about it that the sensor of the harddisk was a bit off and that you could easily get it closer or further to your harddisk and this will fix the problem. Furthermore, the higher you mac is placed, the more hot air it is taking in. It's not much, but on the ground the air is the coolest!
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    Well, that makes sense. Thanks for the information :). I think I might move the G5 to the floor again sometime...sad I know, but it takes up a lot of space and is a visual distraction and adds clutter to the desk.

    BTW, I think the Automater icon is the coolest thing from the Keynote, IMHO. ;) Oh yeah, and that 20" display I'm ordering today :p .
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    another advantage to putting you mac on the ground is that you here it even less! :D
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    Computers on the ground suck up a lot more dust, pet fur, hair, and other gross stuff.

    Just beware.

    Why doesn't anyone make an air filter for the G5?

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