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G5 Audio Noise Issues?

Discussion in 'Community' started by Sean bh, Jan 11, 2004.

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    Well, this post might cause APPLE to provide REAL answers and service and not a run around to the noise issues that the new G5's are causing and a Fix for the problem. And not a run around for users to TRY to figure out how to make a new Flagship computer costing $3,000, by installing 3rd party software such as CHUD, or buying ground loop isolators, etc to make it work properly.

    This is pertaining to the G5 noise Issue that can be found by searching under "G5 Noise" or "CHUD" at Apples discussion site, or just simply a search at Google.com. Since this post is being posted at every possible APPLE related site I can find on the internet, there is about 44,000 so far.
    If you have a G5 that has the noise problem that has taken up the majority of posts on ALL APPLE SUPPORT AND DISCUSSIONS boards, here is a way to get a NEW G5 and possible the new G5 coming out in a month or two.

    I have noticed that those who have taken their G5 to have the power supply replaced, still have the same issue, even up to 3 or 4 times. Well, someone forgot to mention the California Lemon Law Statutes

    CA Civil Code Section 1793.22
    AND the The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act that protects the buyer of any product which costs more than $25 and comes with an express written warranty. This law applies to any product that you buy that does not perform as it should.

    So go ahead, take your G5 in, have them fix it 4 times,(this is replacing the Power supply) and then the next time you take it in, say, oh, I'll take a new G5 please, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

    Now here is the big issue, the G5 cost $3,000 right?. Well if there are about 1000 users who do this, Hmmm, lets do that math here, this post could cost Apple 3 MILLION.

    For more info on the Leman Law, please go to:

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    remind me to lobby my local M.P.

    In the U.K. I think the slang for a troublesome product is a "Dog" and a product that fails to be as popular as it was supposed to be in sales terms, is called a "Lemon". Just thought that would be interesting for anyone outside of California.:)
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    there is no widespread power supply or fan issue with the g5s. I know, i repair the damn things.
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    Does a little noise really qualify the G5 as a lemon or are you just being an *******?

    Some people are really just scum and will lash out and try to hurt anyone or anything that causes them the smallest amount of discomfort. I wouldn't doubt that this person starts looking up ways to claim mental distress from my comments post haste after reading them.

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    Sun Baked

    Problem is the Lemon Laws are for fitness of use -- they don't really cover products that smell, makes odd noises, make the owner sick, etc.

    Take a look at the Vehicle Section of the code -- as long as the vehicle continues to run and pass the fitness standards for use, it's not a lemon... Even though it may rattle so much it sounds like it's falling apart, or the interior smells like a dead rat.

    Even if you're allergic to the smell/odors and/or the sounds are driving you insane. :rolleyes:


    The fans rattle, buzz, etc... But they are working and most likely will continue working for a long time.

    The power supply isn't "broken" or a "lemon" -- it's a cooling fan making noise.
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    What's the top three repairs on the G5 thus far?:)
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    Oh yes, let me go buy a G5 for 3000 dollars, get it fixed 4 times, then have them take the original one i had away and give me a new one.

    What do you get for free? A waste of time?
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    I think the moderators should just delete this entire thread because its completely idiotic.
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    I am glad I got someones attention, now if I can only get Apple's.
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    First of all, this little noise when used in an audio post production facility connected to Pro audio monitors is not usable, Period, whether its a faint sound or a major TICKING< HUMMING, and CHIRPING SOUND. A little discomfort? Nah, not at all, Just completely unusable, since when I am doing post audio work, and cleaning up some dialogue in a show during a quite passage and the clients ask, oh, what's that noise? was that done during filming? can you EQ that out?

    Think before you assume I am lashing out. I am simply stating facts.

    the reason I mentioned the return is for those who have taken their G5's several times, have the access to get a new one, second, I know this might be difficult for you to understand, but this was also intended to make apple think twice about selling a defective product, if you do not find it an issue, ignore these post, I just personally feel that when there are THOUSANDS of post on a particular "PROBLEM" it IS an issue. And no I did NOT imply to go buy a G5 to take in a few times to get a new one, please use some common sense, its for THOSE who have ALREADY bought one, I know that's hard to comprehend, as I didn't think I had to be that detailed.

    And how do you find this thread idiotic when the subject matter takes up the Majority of apples threads? and thousands else where?

    Don't read it then, it wasn't intended for you.
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    Re: How to get a NEW G5 for free

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This is also called SPAM, of an issue that was "discussed before" -- many times.

    You're not here to talk about the issue and ways to solve it, you're here acting like a ambulance chasing lawyer drumming up support for legal action.

    If you can't deal with the criticism generated, or even understand the other side. Then you obviously don't have any strong debating skills. Since many decent debaters can argue BOTH sides of an issue well.

    There were also some fixes mentioned, though they aren't quite Apple-approved.

    But when you need to get a machine working or integrated into production -- some companies are willing to risk losing the warranty by modifying machines. Because, the income generated by the machine offsets the cost of the machine.

    Problem is, this is an issue that will become more common as people ask for faster/hotter machines. Noises that'll have to be worked around.
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    And hey, the G5 is a lot quieter than the "wind tunnel" MDD G4s. If you want super quiet, you should have bought a G4 Cube.

    Like I did.
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    Oh, great.

    I've been waiting to purchase a new Mac, because I was one of the unfortunate ones to buy the Dual MDD Windtunnel. Even with the replaced power supply and proc fan, I still can't mix music at a low level and I can hear it blowing from 2 rooms away. I guess that I'll be waiting some time before getting a G5...even though I'm sure a G5 would be MUCH quieter than what I have now.

    All of you that are unsympathetic about the noise their machine makes can just go to another thread. I purchased my Mac for pro audio use, and Apple has let me down, big time.

    I, for one, am glad to hear of these problems. It'll save me the time, money, and grief from buying another piece of garbage.
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    regardless of an issue with noise or not, the lemon law does not "give you the product for free" and is not intended to do that. The intent is to provide you with a chance to get a product that performs as stated. Here is the text from the web site he referred to. I see no mention of free products or money back and you get to keep the product????

    Quote: "If the warrantor fails to meet this obligation, most of the lemon laws provide for a full refund or new replacement vehicle."

    Get the facts straight before you attack someone and claim you can get something for free!

    Get a life too. :D
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    If you're doing pro audio work, either a) you should be in a relatively sound-proof room separated from the machine if you need to have a mic, or b) not have a frelling open mike while working! Some common sense here people!

    Electrical noise is another issue, but not with PowerMacs, from what I've seen.

    This guy sounds like an ambulance chaser. And a troll.

    Oh, and CHUD is not third party software.
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    Wow, all these post in less than 2 hours, awesome, I should have posted here before. This is GREAT, keep the post coming. This board is VERY alive, phew, I thought I would only get a few posts regarding this issue, I wish other sites had users that had their own opinions to share. Thanks.

    Oh and by the way, the noise comes through the speaks now matter HOW you hook them up to the G5, whether it is via a fireware device or directly connected to the Mac, so if its in another room, down the hall, it does not matter, and about the CHUD not being a 3rd party, okay so I was wrong, but um, you fail to realize that it doesn't matter to what I was trying to imply the chirping noise. I personally do not think one should have to install additional software to make the G5 run with out noise, especially when you have to open the CHUD application every time you reboot the computer. And it only take part of the problem. You can still hear the mouse every time you move it, so when editing it gets very frustrating.

    Keep the posts coming.
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    1. Yes speakers do tend to make noise (in the audible frequency range), they all do. If you don't want noise to come out the speakers. Hook up a set of clay bricks to the machine -- they don't make any noise at all.

    2. If CHUD is solving a bit of the noise. It's the fans. CHUD is changing their speed. Try new fans.

    And place the machine of a SOFT surface -- carpet, a mutilated teddy bear, etc. -- the hard case both transmits and changes the sound.

    3. The MOUSE is too noisy... are you serious? Please take your head out of the horses ...

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    It's not an issue of the computer noise getting into a microphone. If you're mixing on the computer, you need to be by the computer. I don't have 50 foot USB cables nor do I want to run to another room to put a CD in the drive to burn a clients CD. My recording space is well isolated from my control room. If my Mac made less noise than a 2" tape machine, I'd be happy with it, but it's about 4 to 5 times as loud---and that's with my Mac being under a desk!

    When I first got my MDD, it made a clicking noise in my monitors when the fans were on their lowest speed. An update from Apple took care of that...the fan no longer runs on the lowest speed anymore.

    Don't get me wrong. I will use my common sense: as soon as a good alternative comes along, I'm selling my MDD faster than the RIAA can sue the next 12 year old girl illegally downloading music.
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    Fans would be the major problem on any system. Various noises leaked into the electrical system due to variable speed fans. That's why you don't see studios with dimmers on their lights...they can cause a lot of electrical interference...they don't always get onto a recording, but they do cause havoc.

    As for the noise coming out of the power supply, I'd gander that there's capacitors or something that isn't quieted by some silicon and allowed to vibrate at whatever frequency. Check out the insides of almost any large piece of gear, you'll see caps with goo all around them...they make noise unless they are dampened by something.

    And, CHUD, basically sleeps your processors as much as it can, therefore generating less heat and the need to cycle up the fans. CHUD doesn't do any good when you're running your system at full tilt.
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    Top repairs:
    1. Bad Logic board due to bad memory banks
    2. Bad Logic board due to bad firewire ports
    3. Bad video cards, believe it or not.

    Bear in mind these are the top repairs of G5's that have come to my shop for repairs. Individual results may vary.
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    i have a feeling your not suppose to disclose information like that, probably a real easy way to get your certs stripped, may want to watch out.

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    Sun baked, show a little class and watch your language

    Dude, relax okay, yes I am serious about the mouse, IT DOES make noise, a VERY LOUD noise when I move the mouse or move it over the dock to access an application, while I am editing sound or dialogue, it is IMPOSSIBLE to do it properly when hooked up to professional Studio monitors and hear a LOUD scratchy/windy type sound. It completely masks other sounds that are less noisy when trying to EQ.

    So YES I AM SERIOUS. If it doesn't bother you, then that is awesome! I am happy for you. For sound mixing, it is not acceptable.

    When you reply to this, which I am sure you are itching to, do you think you might try to do it constructively with out putting me down or others down?. It only shows ignorance and lack of class on your behalf.

    If you feel the need to satisfy your urge to bash me, do it constructively and with out being rude.

    Show some love here.

    There are more serious issues in this world to be so upset to put someone down because of computer problem they are having.
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    I used to have sounds come through my speakers when I used the mouse, also. But, I soon discovered that my speakers were too close to my monitor. I had to change speakers to some that were shielded and that cleared that problem up.
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    ill agree with sean on that, when you move the mouse over the dock, or just open folders that SATA drive just cranks along with all kinds of noises, me it doesnt bother me but i can understand his frustration, other than that the computer is silent to me.


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