G5 DP 1.8GHz Failure?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by noodle654, May 31, 2013.

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    So I received this DP 1.8GHz (2003) months back for free. The previous owner said it didn't work, and I encountered numerous kernal panics before I reseated the RAM and reset PRAM. Then it worked no problem up until now. When I press the power button I hear the chime, but the fans creep up to full speed before it sounds like it is about to take off.

    I tried taking a hair drier to the RAM slots, for about 4 minutes on high heat until the slots were hot to touch, but it didn't seem to work. I am going to run ASD tomorrow, but I think the RAM slots are the culprit. Is there any possible way to fix this?
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    Lil Chillbil

    I am sad to say it sounds like a motherboard failure, I have seen this before
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    Try swapping out RAM into different slots to see if some might work.
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    I have to agree with that assessment. I recently came in to ownership of my work G5 (1.8Ghz, single processor, late 2004) after a power spike at work fried the logicboard.

    It exhibits the same symptoms described by the OP above.
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    Exactly the same symptoms as my old 1.6 G5 too.

    Fiddle around with the RAM for a while & pray is all I can tell you to do. My 1.6, after juggling w/ the sticks for a good while would either boot up just fine or do the whole chime/jet plane taking off deal. I later found out (after stripping the G5 down & selling it in parts) that is was in fact the logic-board.
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    Alright well I will try and fiddle around with the RAM. If it is dead not a big problem, I might just take it apart and part out as much as I can. Thanks for the help everyone, looks like I got a little work to do.
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    Well, it may be worth your while to replace the logicboard, depending on your situation.

    I just ordered a new logicboard for my G5 today. $39.99 and $17.00 (and change) shipping for roughly around $57. I paid $0 for the G5 so this wasn't a big deal to me. Just depends on what you're willing to put in to it at this point I guess.
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    So it is totally shot unfortunately. I do have another question though, but about my DC 2.3GHz. It is starting to get warm up here and even with the air conditioning pumping I cannot cool down my room because of the heat coming out of this thing. I edited the AppleFan.kext file and adjusted my numbers under root user, but there is still no change in the fan speeds. I rebooted, reset PRAM, and repaired permissions but the fans still wont kick in.

    Any tips for this? I have been reading about this all night but haven't found anything very useful.
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    So i can't help you with the software side of things (other than there are apps out there that can do what you're looking for).

    I can tell you, from a thermodynamics point of view, that turning the fans up will simply cool the mac down faster. The heat produced by your mac will be the same and your room will be just as hot...

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    I ended up putting it in front of my AC vent, pushing cold air through lowered the temp a lot. Still would like to increase the fan speed to push air through faster.

    I am doing a monthly cleaning and I was wondering if people have successfully replaced the thermal paste on G5s? Has it lowered temperatures at all?
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    RIP DP 1.8GHz. I parted it out last night and recycled the logic board today. I never took one of these apart before but I was amazed to see how big the heatsink on the processor was! Too bad I don't need a PC because I would totally use the case for a sick hackintosh build.
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    I had a G5 DP 1.8 in the past. First one processor died, and a few months ago the second. Same symptoms: the fans creep up to full speed at startup. No chime. I bought a second hand DC 2.3 instead and this machine feels faster.

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