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G5 Drive Failing wont Mount

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by bladerunner88, Jun 22, 2010.

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    Last night I heard a couple of clicks and my G5 OS X 10.4.11 Boot Drive became unresponsive, Shutdown. Was able to install System on 2nd Internal. Launched DiskWarrior, which found the bad drive and made Preview Directory. Before had a chance to copy all more clicking started, so Shutdown. This AM swapped the drives in the bays so The Bad Drive is now in the Lower Bay. However now Diskwarrior does not see the damaged Drive nor does Disk Utility.

    Also tried the ole drive in the Freezer Trick....

    Any Thoughts appreciated.....

    Am dying over here.....
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    i cant make you much hope there ..my guess it had it and gone to the hdd nirvana , but maybe someone else has a trick to revive a harddrive that makes clicks and doesn't show up any more

    i had some luck in the past with putting a non responsive harddrive in a linux powered pc to rescue whatever possible , sometimes it works
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    At this point I may try the Freezer again and let it get really cold....
    Currently about 6 Hrs into a cold soak.
    Would luv to hear from anyone who has had some success with this method.
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    Ice Station Hard Drive!

    Ice Station Hard Drive is being removed from the Freezer today. Have read various views on what happens next.
    Some say Drive should be inserted in Computer as quickly as possible due to coldness and narrow window of possible recovery. Others say there should be an adjustment period to alive possible condensation before Drive is inserted back inside Computer. Any Thoughts or suggestions? The Drive is double bagged first in an anti - static one and then a freezer ziplock......
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    i would put it in as soon as possible, also if you have an external case you may want to use that as i find you may need to turn the drive on and off a few times for it to be recognized
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    I was able to load a system on the 2nd Internal in the G5, that Drive is now in the Top Bay. My plan 9 from outer space is to use that drive to Boot and have Ice Station HD in the lower Bay and an external Firewire to hopefully copy Data too.

    I also have diskwarrior installed.....
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    Well No Joy...
    Ice Station Hard Drive went into lower Bay of G5, Booted off drive in the Upper and nothing could see it, Not disk utilities, not DiskWarrior not the G5. Re booted a number of times still nothing.

    One Odd thing could not do a PramZap or Boot into open Firmware, thought perhaps by resetting it might see the drive but the G5 starts booting after the first chime even tho am holding down Cmnd option PR.

    Am open to suggestions........


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