G5 imac shipped??

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by nospleen, Aug 31, 2004.

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    I ordered my 17" 1.8 with 160GB HD right after the store came up. I received the original email saying thanks, yada, yada, yada. But, I just received the one I always get when my items ship! It says, the following items will be shipped, etc.! I called Apple, but they are soooo busy, so I just hung up. I can hardly wait! I was all set to be patient for 4 weeks, but now. :D
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    Wow.. that's great to hear. I'm ordering one for my folks, but we're worried that it'll show after I'm gone for school. It'll be such a pain to set up :rolleyes: Hopefully that email was correct!
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    I can hardly wait for the follow up. But, I have never received that email without a shipping one in the evening...
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    I think it could possibly be the easiest computer in history to set up.

    Plug power cord into wall. Plug in keyboard and mouse. Turn on ;).
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    I finally got throught to Apple. They said that there is no way it shipped. They said, that the email I received is indicative of product shipment, but that it must have been a system error? I hope they are wrong, but, I doubt it.
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    Tell that to my dad who almost always plugs the telephone cable into the Ethernet jack. :D
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    We must be brothers. :)
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    While it would be great if it were true, I highly doubt your iMac is shipping. If Apple even manages to start shipping the iMacs by the current mid-September goal, you should be pleasently surprised. That in itself would be an achievement for Apple nowadays.
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    I got an email giving me an overview of my order and telling me it is in the process of being processed (stamp out and abolish redundancy! LOL). At the end of that email, it said the ship time was 3-4 weeks and that as soon as it ships I will get an email telling me so. I can't wait for that email! :p
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    What really blows me away is that with an airport card and internet bluetooth, you don't even have to connect the mouse and keyboard. Those are wireless. That means you have ONE cord going to the computer. That's your power.
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    Yeah, I wish they would not have messed up and sent that shipping email. I have ordered around 25 things from Apple, so I know when I get that one, that shipment is that same day. But, they said it was an error. Here is the email I received. (the second one)

    Dear Apple Customer,

    Your order is being processed. The following products will be shipped.

    Item# Product # Product Description Qty Price Ext Price
    ____ ____________ ______________________________ ______ ________ __________
    0010 Z09505AMW IMG5 17/1.8/256MB/160GB/SD/LL 1 1,489.00 1,489.00

    With the following configuration:

    Power Supply 065-5255 Power Supply, AMERICA, JAPAN
    Memory 065-4711 256MB DDR400 SDRAM
    Hard Drive 065-4703 160GB HD
    Optical Drive 065-4705 SuperDrive
    Wireless 065-4717 No BlueTooth
    Airport 065-4716 No Airport Card
    Custom SW I 065-4681 Not Applicable
    Keyboard/Mac OS Language 065-4696 Keyboard/MAC OSX
    Country Kit 065-4695 Accessory Kit

    Subtotal: $ 1,489.00
    Sales Tax: $ 115.40
    Total price for your order: $ 1,604.40

    The above products will be shipped to:
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    See, this is the one they send when you first order:

    Shipping Method
    Standard Shipping

    Shipping Options
    Items shipped separately as they become available.

    Promotion Savings are subject to verification.

    Purchase Information:

    Ordered Items
    Part No.
    Est. Shipping
    Unit Price
    Ext. Price

    iMac 1.8GHz w/17" TFT
    3-4 weeks

    * Power Supply

    * 256MB DDR400 SDRAM - 1 DIMM

    * 160GB Serial ATA drive

    * SuperDrive (DVD-R/CD-RW)

    * Keyboard and Mouse + Mac OS X - U.S. English

    * Accessory kit


    Estimated Tax:

    Shipping Charge:

    Estimated Total:
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    Yup I got that same email. But at the bottom it says:

    Did yours not have that at the bottom of the email?
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    Mine did say that at the bottom, but, I have never received this second email and the item not ship in the same day. Apple even said I should have not received this one yet. Weird?
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    damn man! thats lucky... I hope for your sake its real.
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    Totally weird considering I got the same thing. Hrm, I wonder who else bought one and got the second email.
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    Aid and help us to stamp out and eliminate repetitive redundancy. :D
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    :p That cracked me right up!

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