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G5 iMac Superdrive model?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by daveL, Oct 20, 2004.

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    Anyone know the exact drive model? I know it's 4x dvd-r. I'm hoping it's the Pioneer DVR-106. Can someone confirm, please?
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    In my iMac G5 I've got this drive:

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    Same here.

    Hard drive is a ST380013AS.

    - Don
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    After what i've heard all imacs g5 superdrive is matshitas.
    Matshitas have been used by apple since powermac 6100 (probably before),
    but superdrives have used to be pioneers.

    i can't see why the matshita drives are better/worse than the pioners
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    Mine is a Maxtor 7Y250M0. I guess it's different because I have the 250 gig drive. I'm glad though; as far as I am aware, Maxtor are the only (consumer) drive manufacturers that actually rate their drives for 24/7 use. The others are around the 200-300 hour / month mark if I remember correctly. (although it was a while back that I read an article on it, so it may have changed)
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    Thanks for the reply. I think all the PMs use Pioneer (my G5 2.5 DP has the DVR-107D), but the iMac and laptops are all slot loading. I think that's the reason for MATSHITA drives. Oh, well. I found a Pioneer flash updater for OS X today, along with the lastest Pioneer firmware release with region-free and dvd rip @ 12x patches, and it worked great. I ripped a 7 GB dvd in 14 minutes. So, I was hoping I could do the same to my wife's G5 iMac, when it gets here in a few days.
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    I have two of the same drives in my rev b G5 PM. I have them set up as RAID 0. They are nice drives.
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    In 4 years, when one crashes and you loose all of your date...don't say I didn't warn you!

    Apple seems to have used Pioneer and Mashita drives ever since bundling CD drives with Macs. I've never had a problem, and I don't really care what the drive is, so long as it works.
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    remember, the 106 is a tray loader. The new iMac is a slot loading Mofo. It would require a totally different drive, and Pioneer probably just couldn't fit the bill.
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    Backups. Even without RAID 0, you're screwed when a drive fails without a backup. But I hear you ...
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    Although RAID 0 does not provide parity or other methods of redundancy, it's still no worse than using just a single hard drive. As long as you back up (both drives) you'll be fine.
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    RAID 0 is dangerous because if one drive blows, it takes the other one with it. With a single drive, you simply must worry about that one dieng and not a second one...
    Backups are a good idea. Wonder why I only back up my 6 year old computer and none of my newer ones? :confused:
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    It doesn't "take the other one with it," the other drive still works. You can reformat and use it as a separate hard drive. The data loss is the same: in both situations (RAID 0 and no RAID) one hard drive's worth of data is lost.

    Both data loss situations can be remedied by data backups. With RAID 0, however, you need to back up BOTH drives, because the data is spread across each drive.
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    I have the 17" 1.8GHz with a 250GB HD and my superdrive is a Matshita DVD-R UJ-825.
    Both of my G4 iMacs (15" 800MHz & 17" 1GHz) had Pioneers in them.....I believe 105 & 106 (or 104 & 105...can't remember exactly).
    My 17" 1.33GHz PowerBook has a Matshita also (UJ-816).

    I guess an odd thing about my new iMac is that when using Toast 6 it will give me the option to burn at 8X and I have a 4X drive (but I have no 8X media to try it). This has never occurred before.
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    Toast must recognize that the iMac SuperDrive can burn to the 4X media you had inserted at the time at 8X. Before I got my iMac, I had an external DVD burner that was only 4X, however Toast could burn to some media at 8X, even though the media was only rated at 4X.

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