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G5 iMacs -- action photos

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by wordmunger, Aug 31, 2004.

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    I haven't seen any posts elsewhere on MR about this, so I thought I'd start a new thread with some pictures I found linked from MacNN -- I think it looks much more impressive here than in the stale publicity photos:

    EDIT: Oops -- now I see lots of other pictures. Maybe people should use this thread as a centralized place for iMac-in-action photos/videos.



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    Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to get my 20" to go with my 15" powerbook.
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    Ooohh... a naked iMac! :eek:

    Actually, that pic's pretty cool. It's interesting to see how they arranged everything to fit in flatly.
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    I really want a picture of a new imac with the usual stuff hanging off it like iPod, usb thumb drive, firewire/USB digital camera, iSight, keyboard, mouse, etc. I want to see what the front, back and plug side look like on a real desk to evaluate whata pain all rear mounted ports are going to be. This thing almost screams that it needs a hub if you have lots of devices I think.
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    They look at lot better in these pics than on Apple.com
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    Hmmm.... I was kinda hoping that the plastic used on the new iMacs would be the same kind of plastic that is on the inside of the iBooks or that they used to use on the iMac G4, a kind of matte finished plastic. However from these photos it looks like Apple has decided to go with the usual shiney plastic like they have used on everything from the eMac to the iPod.

    I just think that it would have looked a little more classy with a matte finish instead of the high gloss plastic. ahh well, they're still mighty impressive and i cant wait to see one in the flesh.
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    Looks like those things are loaded w/ Unreal.. Wish someone would try it out on one of those and report back on how if performs..
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    I guarantee it won't be that well. My 1.8 had a 5200 and UT2K4 didn't run nearly as well as I'd hoped. But then again I have pretty high standards. But then again these new ones have a slower system bus...
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    Oooh, a nude iMac for Mac porn fetishers. It seems like a pain to have to reach into the back to plug things in, but it really wouldn't be THAT bad. It would have been better if it were along the side, though. Maybe not pretty, but definitely more convenient. :eek:
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    At my local CompUSA I played UT2k4 on a Dual 1.8 with a 5200FX. I put everything at highest details and put the resolution as high as it could go, and I found it was pretty damn playable. Now if you put that down to 1024x768 and put the details around normal, I can imagine it'd be damn perfect.
  11. DJY
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    I would also like to see a pic of an iMac with the usual array of add ons...
    sure you can grab the BT module and wireless keyboard and mouse (a must I think), but add an iPod, printer, maybe scanner and / or digital camera, a modem (either dial up or ADSL) then lets see pics?!!!

    I would have liked to have seen a way of incorporating the wires inside the stand somehow... sort of like the desktop iSight stand so that instead of seeing lots of wires run off it - they are hidden in the stand - then can just run out the back of the desk.
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    "Playable" is relative.

    Any less than 30 FPS to me is pushing it.

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