G5 Laptops?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by triton, Sep 18, 2003.

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    I know, I know - they just re-released the new g4 laptops. Anyone care to take a gander and when the g5's will be arriving?
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    Enough already.
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    i think everyone's sick to death of the G5 PowerBook stuff, but i'm just going to say it'd be about 6 months until the next PowerBook revision. but i'm not even sure if the next reivsion will be a G5... who knows what Apple has planned? :confused:
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    G5 in January ?!? Possibly.

    One thing we must remember in my opinion is that the 1.25Ghz and the 1.33Ghz processors did exist in desktops & Xserve before we found them in the laptops.

    If they can put a 1.33 in the laptop - why not a 1.42 straight away? I think Steve wants to keep one possible G4 update in his pocket before the G5 is released in a notebook.

    I assume that we might see a one more speed bump just before christmas with the G4's and sooner or later in 2004 G5 appears in PB's
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    July, no earlier.
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    I doubt January, I think January will bring G5 Xserves. G5 PB's probably mid-year.

    I don't think the processors for the Xserves and Powermacs are the same as the power books, maybe the imacs are the same but they just got a speed boost.
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    I Agree. What I meant is a processor with a such speed exist & it is realistic to think that it would appear to PB's sooner or later

    When you wrote about XServe the plan become clear for me:

    In January: Xserve G5

    In January: Powermac 2,5Ghz ?

    in June: Powerbook G5

    In June Powermac 3Ghz ?

    That's how they do it and it will be a great triumph for them.
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    I second that.

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