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G5 loud pop

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Davy.Shalom, Apr 13, 2011.

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    So while I watching a video on youtube, I heard a really loud pop come from somewhere under my desk. I was afraid that it was my PowerMac G5, because the PSU "explosion" sound seems to be a known problem. I have the dual core 2.3 ghz model. However, the computer continued to run fine, and nothing smelled bad. I opened it up and took a look and nothing is wrong. I dust out my PowerMac every 2 months, and even so it doesn't develop much dust inside the case.
    I know the sound wasn't the video because I replayed the beginning over and over to see if that's where the sound came from, but I knew the sound came from under my desk where the computer was anyway. It couldn't have been the speakers on my desk, because that wasn't where the sound came from.

    What could it be??

    >>I think it's possible that it could have been the built in speaker on the powermac...
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    Could have been just that.. your speaker. Try to test your sound under system preferences/sound - if you are able to play sounds then your speaker and sound system is fine.. other than that I am not sure what the big pop was.. If it was your PSU you would feel and see it :)
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    Could be a very angry capacitor buried deep inside there somewhere.
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    Do you use a UPS or voltage stabilizer at all? Mine makes a click or pop like sound when it has to either boost or buck the current to make up for lags or spikes in the power. It isn't blowing anything.. it's just part of how voltage stabilization hardware works in a UPS. If this is the case then the pop sound is a good thing as it's protecting your hardware from a lot more than a surge.

    If this is not the case.. it's probably either your speakers or it's a bad thing that will soon show it's face in how your Mac functions.
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    Yes I use a power backup, and it has a surge protector feature etc. It was not my speakers, and the built in speaker on the G5 still works fine.

    Is there anyway this computer's PSU would still function with a blown capacitor? Is this G5 model known for blown capacitors?

    It's a dual core 2.3 from 2005.
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    blown capacitor somewhere. Either within the power supply or on the motherboard / logic board someplace. :/
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    The only way to be sure is to open the case and look carefully for blown caps or other damage to the logic board.

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