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G5 Now shipping? BLAH

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Rezet, Aug 18, 2003.

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    WTF? They put a commercial of "NOW SHIPPING POWERMAC G5" yet if you go and try to buy it it says 4-6 weeks....
    When they say "NOW SHIPPING", I expect it to bre shipped within 24 hours, not 1.5 months later...
    Apple's false advertisement is quite annoying...
  2. Wes
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    Re: G5 Now shipping? BLAH

    It's shipping if you were one of the first people to put your order in.
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    I believe that they have a limited quantity and they are shipping to the people who ordered it when it was announced not to people who buy it today...
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    Re: G5 Now shipping? BLAH

    ...and if you pony up $3.5 billion for 50% of AAPL stock, you'll get a red phone to Steve Jobs and an Apple-shaped spotlight to let him know that you're displeased....;)

    (Oh, and for the UK'ers, that's a billion US-style.)
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    Re: Re: G5 Now shipping? BLAH

    I think you missed my point, my friend.
    I said, to those who just come in to the apple's site and see them saying G5 ships now. But when they get to ordering process they find out that it ships like 1.5 months away from now, they will be disappointed. Some will think apple just lies...

    I do realize that it's probably for those who preordered, it's just they don't say it in the news.
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    I got Rezets back on this. I didnt order one, and dont plan to. But from a False Advertising Standpoint he is right.

    Dont put a huge "Now Shipping" Ad on your front page if there is still almost a two month wait for people who order today.

    In addition in looking at both the PMG5 page and through the first few ordering pages it never says "4-6 week wait" anywhere. Its not until they get your money that they say anything.

    Thats just bad business. In the words of South Park, I call "Shenanigans"

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    Powerbook G5

    You can't expect to get a PowerMac G5 today when 100,000 other people are already in line waiting since 6/23 to have theirs shipped.
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    But its true, for the people who put their faith in Apple and ordered without waiting to hear what people had to say about the G5 the computers are shipping. Generally to get something in really high demand you have to preorder it long in advance.
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    I dont.

    I didnt even order one.. I but you don't advertise that you are "now shipping".. if there is a 6 week wait.

    Its just bad business.

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    The page that summerizes your order gives you the shipping estimate. This page is before you even enter any CC info and well before you actually pay for the G5.

    And I personally don't see what the problem is. It's no different than buying a brand new model car or Harley Davidson or something. Dealers start taking pre-orders as soon as they can and if you go to buy the prodcut the day it is released yer gonna be put on a waiting list that could be months long. Heck, even some video games have such huge releases that retailers have the item on back order even before the game is released. You ever tried to order a computer (Dell, gateway or something) During Xmas season? Back-order city (unless you pay for rush job).

    "Now shipping" means they are, well, now shipping. Which is true. I don't think it's misleading at all. But that's just my opinion. :D

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    Powerbook G5

    But they are shipping...if you didn't pre-order when you had the chance, then too bad, it's pretty understandable. They aren't false advertising, they are shipping just like they said, so there shouldn't be a problem. If someone seriously has a problem with not being able to just go and order one now an have it at their doorstep a day later, the that person needs to learn a simple fact of life--you can't expect to get what you want right away. There are 100,000 people who preordered and they are now going to receive shipments. It's just like *any* product, you get it in the order you put the order out. They even state in their own press release that there are 100,000 already in line, so there is no false advertising that I can see.
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    Umm. how about NO? The people who preordered will be notified that their order is shipped anyways. The ad they put on the starting page is obviously for mass public to see, not for those who just preordred. They want you to go and check stuff out before they lay out the truth. It's just marketing... And I don't like it. They could have made a remark somewhere that it's for preorders only.
    I'm not saying that others don't do it, i'm saying that I don't appreciate it.
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    Powerbook G5

    It's shipping, what more do you want? They have *limited* quantities still, they even mention that in plain black and white on their press release. It is shipping to the masses as we speak. Everyone has to wait, even the ones who are the first to get them are still waiting for them to make it to their doorsteps. It's not false advertising, it's not like they can snap their fingers and suddenly 100,000 G5s are in the hands of everyone who ordered them and another 100,000 suddenly show up in their warehouses. They are being shipped, so when you order one, you can get one when they have it to ship to you. The ad does not say "Now ready to put in your hands by tomorrow" so saying it's false advertising is just, well, false. What the ad says is "Now shipping"and it's now shipping. It's accurate as far as I can see.
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    Look, I see what you are saying. I realize the ad maybe not exactly lying but it is misleading. You know what people think when they look at that ad? They expect it to ship within 24-48 hours, just like on amazon, lets say. I realize that technically they started the shipping process, but for most people who didn't preorder the computer the minute apple store went online on june 23, that means exactly nothing. And they don't state anywhere on the front page that quantities are limited or it only applies to preorder. They want you to go browse around, build a computer to find out that computer will actualy be shipped in the mid october, not on wednesday of this week.
    You get what I'm saying?

    Honestly I'm not getting a G5 anyways, so it makes little difference for me. But I just hate things like when they advertise a car for 14k and when you get there they BS you that they don't have that one and it sucks so you should consider onre for 18k.
    They just want you to come...
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    Yes, I agree that some people who don't follow the tech news may be disappointed to find out that they must wait. But that's a far cry from "false advertising". Poor business tactic, maybe. But not false.

    Ultimately, I think it's alot like a line of people outside a store that's not open yet -- when it opens, they turn over the "OPEN" sign in the window.

    Does that mean you don't have to wait your turn? No. Might the line be 6 weeks long? I suppose.

    Luckily, Apple doesn't make you camp out at their retail stores in order to be in line like Ticketmaster does.:)

    BTW -- if you know of an auto dealer who regularly advertises something that they don't ever have stock that's "Bait and Switch" advertising and you should consider reporting them to a better business bureau in your area.
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    Powerbook G5

    According to their press release, it is in limited quantities, so they do state that. They also state that the dual systems aren't shipping yet until the end of the month, too. The big graphic and headline is to give all those out there that hope/excitement factor and if you want all the facts, then read the official press release for the info, which is quite easy to find, too. This is how all things are, when the Xbox/PS2/Gamecube came out, you either stood in line for one to get it that day (like I did) or sleep in and be stuck waiting until two weeks later to get one. Does that change the date the Xbox/PS2/Gamecube shipped? No...it just meant you were not able to hook it up at home and play Halo until 2 week later because you decided sleeping in was more convenient than being there to reserve your system. I realize in a perfect world you can order a G5 and be able to tear into it on Wednesday, but in the real world, you must have patience and understanding that this is how business works in order to be fair for everyone. It's like Disney World...just because people are getting on the ride doesn't mean it's unfair that you have to wait for 45 minutes because you just got in line. Those people who got there 45 minutes ago now get to ride *now*. Those people who pre-ordered in June are now able to take "Mr Job's Wild Ride" now since they've been waiting in line for two moths. People who just showed up now haven't been waiting, so now they have to put their order in and wait their turn.
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    Man -- I gotta get my head out of the gutter!:p
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    Powerbook G5

    If you've ever been to Disney World before they took out Mr. Toad's Wild Ride in favor of the new Winnie the Pooh ride, you'd get the reference...and yes, everyone's head immediately goes into the gutter with that ride, which is probably why Disney changed it...not to mention the ride itself was like an acid trip gone horribly wrong.
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    I agree with all the line analogies especially the one that used standing in a line outside a store....thats exactly how it is. what about people who pay liek 500k for a ferrari and wait liek a year and a half to two years before they have the ooportunity to buy one?

    what are other alternaives anyway. so long as they are shipping them out in order I don't see the issue and at the same time what do you want exactly, they shoudl ship out all the g5's that were pre-ordered including the duals and then once all those people have machines in hand they should put it on the main page? it sounds like thats how you want it. If anything those who pre-ordered are invested in the news more so than someone who hasn't ordered yet and they deserve to get a notification like this.
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    Mr Powerbook G5, you never admit anything do you?
    You pick one side and no matter what develops you won't agree even to a smallest degree with an opposing side?

    I stay corrected that ad is MISLEADING and is not a good example of false advertising.

    People don't read press releases. I go to apple.com and see big ass add that states G5 are shipping.... basically come ang get em.
    But later you get little font 8 remark that is actually shipping in 1.5 months...
    When they say shipping now, that means you can order it now and get it shipped within 2 days.
    For example www.gamestop.com they put "back order" on titles that they can't ship within 48 hours. And switch it back to "shipping" when they get games in stock. The back order only applies to people who didn't preorder. Preorders get the item as promised. SO no matter what you say, this ad on apples page is nothing more than cheap marketing of the product that they really don't even have in stock for majority of people.
    It has little to do with disneyworld rides as they work on different principles.
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    Daveman Deluxe

    The main point of the "Now Shipping" banner is to make sure that everybody knows that yes, people are actually getting these things sent to them. It's also important so that everybody knows that Apple gets products out of the door on time (remember, they WERE slated for August shipping). This is ESPECIALLY important since the Copland/Rhapsody/OSX debacle delayed our modern OS at least five years.

    The fact is that a lot of people won't order a product until it's getting into customers' hands--that way they know it's not vaporware. I expect a new surge of orders to come in (not as big as after WWDC) now that Apple is actually shipping the product.

    Edit: Apple's not lying to anybody. The computers ARE shipping. As for the question of whether it's misleading Johnny Q. Public... it's academic since I didn't order a G5. :D
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    Powerbook G5

    I admit I am wrong when I see that I am wrong, but I'd be a fool to admit I am wrong to something that is clearly correct. The G5s are shipping, that's what Apple says and that's what is happening. If someone wants to get bent out of shape about waiting, then they will have to learn to grow up and realize the world doesn't revolve around brats with no sense of patience. The principle is pretty much the same, if you want something, you have to wait your turn. It's pretty simple a concept to me.
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    Powerbook G5

    At the very most, it's optimistic hope or a lure to get people excited about getting a G5, but it is not false advertising. The most I can agree with you is that is is giving people a little push to get a G5. If the website said "Delivered within 24 hours" then somewhere in an obscure place in size 2 font it said "Only to the people who pre-ordered", then I'd agree that it might be seen as false advertising.
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    Is that true?

    I haven't heard this as Apple policy, but if it's somewhere on Apple's sight (or even if Apple said it was their policy in the past) then I would say that the front page language might be ill advised.
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    You can make any policy you want. This is just what people would expect.

    And powerbook G5, I assume you don't call me a brat who can't wait...
    It's not about waiting, it's about not misleading people.
    The wording is careful, so you can always say "we never lied". But they do know exactly that this is a marketing stunt.
    You probably also think that those specs that were published on apple's site 2 weeks before WWDC were honest mistake right??
    Ahh well, I think you are more or less tollerant about this because you dont' care much about when G5 towers will get shipped...

    P.S. They could print on the bottom of that ad that quantities are limited or that it's for those who placed the order before a certain date....

    It's not a big deal, and I don't want to make one out of it especially since I could care less about G5 towers. It was more of a note, than an outload hate complaint :)

    I want updated PB... :)

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